ZenTao ManualBook Info
1 Introduction
1.1 About ZenTao
1.2 Introduction PPT
1.3 Technical Support
1.4 Follow Us
2 Installation
2.1 Choose the right installation
2.2 ZenTao Cloud
2.3 One-click Installation for Windows
2.4 One-click Installation for Linux
2.5 Installation with Lampp
2.6 Source Code Installation (for all Systems)
2.7 Set up Virtualbox for ZenTao
2.8 Softaculous service
2.9 Integrate Zdoo
2.10 Install Ioncube
3 Upgrade
3.1 Upgrade ZenTao
3.2 Upgrade by source code (for all systems)
3.3 Upgrade for one-click installation for Windows (xampp)
3.4 Upgrade for one-click installation package for Linux
4 Users and Groups
4.1 Company Structure
4.2 Add a User
4.3 Batch Manage Users
4.4 Groups and Privileges
5 Quick Start
5.1 Project and Task Management
5.2 Bug Tracking
5.3 Product Management
5.4 Individual Task Management
6 Basic Application
6.1 Basic Workflow
6.2 Agile and Scrum
6.3 ZenTao and Scrum
6.4 ZenTao Tutorial for Rookies
6.5 Create a Product
6.6 Create a Story
6.7 Create a Project
6.8 Confirm a Story
6.9 Task Breakdown
6.10 Report a Bug
6.11 Manage Contacts
6.12 Customization
6.13 Import Excel, CSV files
6.14 Document Management
6.15 Operation Mode
6.16 Points
6.17 Customize Required Field
6.18 Access Control
7 Advanced Application
7.1 Workflow
7.1.1 ZenTao Workflow
7.2 Personal management
7.2.1 My Todo
7.2.2 My Task, Story and Bug
7.2.3 My Profile
7.3 For Product Owner
7.3.1 Manage a Product
7.3.2 Manage a Product Line
7.3.3 Create and Review a Story
7.3.4 Change and Review a Story
7.3.5 Story Status
7.3.6 Notes for Writing a Story
7.3.7 Product Module
7.3.8 Release Plan
7.3.9 Create a Release
7.3.10 Roadmap
7.3.11 Documents
7.3.12 Planning Meetings
7.3.13 Daily Scrum, Review and Retrospective Meetings
7.3.14 Story Reports
7.4 For Project Manager
7.4.1 Create a Project
7.4.2 Set up a Team
7.4.3 Confirm a Story
7.4.4 Story Breakdown
7.4.5 Daily Standup Meetings
7.4.6 Check Project Progress via Burndown Chart
7.4.7 Check Project Progress via Lists
7.4.8 Review and Retrospective Meetings
7.4.9 Basic reports on tasks
7.5 For Development Team
7.5.1 Project planning meeting and task breakdown
7.5.2 Claim tasks and update efforts
7.5.3 Kanban and Tree Diagram
7.5.4 Build
7.5.5 Test Task
7.5.6 Resolve a Bug
7.5.7 Documents
7.5.8 Confirm Bugs
7.6 For QA Team
7.6.1 Defect Management
7.6.2 Report a Bug
7.6.3 Verify and Close a Bug
7.6.4 Activate a Bug
7.6.5 Find a Bug
7.6.6 Test Case
7.6.7 Create and Review Test Cases
7.6.8 Test Suites, Public Case Libs and Reports
7.6.9 Manage Test Tasks
7.6.10 Execute Cases and Report Bugs
7.6.11 Reports
8 Configuration
8.1 Maintain ZenTao
8.1.1 Initialize scripts
8.1.2 Back up ZenTao
8.1.3 Recover the Deleted
8.1.4 Update Burndown charts
8.1.5 ZenTao remote host
8.2 Deploy ZenTao
8.2.1 Guest Login
8.2.2 Email Notification
8.2.3 Set Super Admin
8.2.4 Static Access
8.2.5 Delete "zentao" from URL
8.2.6 Integrate ZenTao with SVN
8.2.7 Integrate ZenTao with Git
8.2.8 Integrate webhook
8.2.9 Integrate Xuan.im
8.2.10 Integrate Zdoo
9 Customization
9.1 ZenTao customization
9.2 ZenTao Directory
9.3 Locate and Change Files
9.4 ZenTao Database Structure
9.5 Common Modules
9.6 Add Features to Menu
9.7 Set Privileges to Modules
9.8 Examples: modify language prompt
9.9 Examples: set priority when creating bugs
9.10 Web Editor
9.11 ZenTao Packaging Standards 1.1
10 Relevant Issues
10.1 About third-party code
10.2 Support ZenTao
10.3 ZenTao Commercial Service
10.4 Acknowledgement


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Last edited by Renee on 2018-05-31 13:57:13

When ZenTao Project Management Software is developed, we have been supported in many ways by our dear friends who we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to. 

The following is a list of our supporters. If anyone is left out, please inform us at chunsheng@cnezsoft.com. 

Thanks to our customers who purchase ZenTao and services. With your support, ZenTao becomes more and more vigorous.
Thanks to our friends who get involved in or help BugFree 1.x. It’s your company and support that make ZenTao today. Special thanks to Mr.Lee. It is our wish that we can cooperate again.
Thanks to the teams of the BugFree2.x project. The divergence within the team encourages us to develop a real project management software, instead of a replica of Microsoft. 
Thanks to Mr. Mei Jian from Alibaba. It is you who brought Scrum to Yahoo China. It was the time when I began to learn and understand Scrum.
Thanks to Mr. Shi Feng from Alibaba. Thanks for your advice in the initial stage of designing ZenTao.
Thanks to my dear friend Li Yupeng. Thanks for your discussions with me. Our ideas coincide and generate more ideas, which helps to confirm design schemes of ZenTao.
Thanks to other co-workers from Alibaba, many ideas of ZenTao were generated when working with you.
Thanks to pujia.com (Qingdao Pujia Intelligent Information Co., Ltd, www.pujia.com) for your very valuable supports in the initial stage of developing ZenTao.
Thanks to whjmyu, sophia, 21bird and Yunfeiyang for your contributions to ZenTao and your hard work.
Thanks to the QQ group lords who manage QQ groups, with which we can communicate more efficiently.
Thanks for the advice and feedback from the netizens. With your involvement, Zentao will become better and better.
Thanks to ELING (qq: 467303906) for the beautiful logo; thanks to Blue Amber (qq: 649009995) for the interface design of ZenTao 1.0, the official version, and to catouse for the interface design of the latest version.
Thanks to the friends who have worked with us. Although we are no longer working together, thank you for your hard work when we were in difficult times.
Thanks to our colleagues that you did not abandon us. We believe that we will be free and shine in the galaxy of IT industry as long as we work together.

Wang Chunsheng (Translate by Renee)
Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Development Co. Ltd
October 8th, 2012
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