For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! Sticky

For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! 51 Testing has published "2022 Software Testing Industry Status Survey Report" in March 2023. Wi...
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5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most popular alternative — ZenTao, and then touch base on the most common reasons, why businesses decided to move from Jira to ZenTao.
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7 Ways to Improve Your UX Design Process and Deliver Better Products

User experience (UX) design is an essential aspect of creating successful products that meet the needs and expectations of your target audience. However, designing a great user experience is not an easy task and requires a well-defined process to deliver optimal results. With that being said, let’s take a look at ways to improve your UX design process and deliver better products.
2023/05/25   Kerry Leigh Harrison   218

Enhancing Enterprise Software: Key Factors for Success

This article explores crucial factors for improving the current state of enterprise software. It covers areas such as product availability, functionality, customer and user needs, installation simplification, configuration and customization, product upgrades, and sales strategies. By addressing these key aspects, software vendors and product managers can enhance user satisfaction, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
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Distinguishing C-End Design from B-End Design

C-End design and B-End design exhibit notable disparities in their approaches and considerations. While C-End design primarily caters to the consumer market, B-End design focuses on meeting the specific needs of enterprises. This article aims to shed light on the key differences between these two design approaches, exploring their distinct characteristics and considerations. By understanding these disparities, designers can effectively navigate the requirements of each market segment and deliver tailored design solutions.
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Effective Customer Feedback Management for SaaS Product Managers

What should you do when customers give feedback that your product doesn’t work well? In fact, customer feedback is a crucial element for SaaS product managers to improve their products and enhance customer satisfaction. It is crucial to accept and figure out the reasons why it is not working well, which will help your product to be more relevant to the actual industry scenario. This article will explain how to solve the negative customer feedback.
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Beyond Algorithm: Design Skills AI Cannot Replicate

This article discusses the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the field of design, highlighting its potential to aid in ideation, data analysis, and prediction. AI can improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, but it cannot replicate the non-technical skills required in design, such as creativity, intuition, and empathy. Collaboration among multidisciplinary teams remains essential to achieving successful design solutions, and AI tools must be seen as assistants rather than replacements in workflows.
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Key Metrics For SaaS Business At Different Stages

This article discusses the critical metrics that a SaaS company should track at different stages of their growth. It covers topics such as Product/Market fit, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), churn rate, Lifetime Value (LTV), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and more. By prioritizing the essential indicators before expanding into other metrics, a SaaS company can ensure profitable and sustained growth.
2023/05/12   Appadhoc   425

The Implications of AI Writing in Education and Society

AI writing technologies such as ChatGPT have been a topic of debate among educators regarding their impact on education and society. While some see the integration of AI as a necessary career skill for the future, others are concerned about issues such as academic integrity, biases and the potential widening of the digital divide. The increasing use of AI in writing also brings up the issue of fact-checking and the potential for misinformation. Ultimately, the development of AI writing technology requires new adaptations in the classroom and changes in the way we assess student outcomes.
2023/05/10   Duo Jing   402

The Impact of GPT Technology on the Future of SaaS Industry

This article explores the potential changes that the integration of GPT technology may bring to the SaaS industry. It covers various aspects, including the evolution of the user interface, the role of different departments within SaaS companies, and the overall impact on the industry's development. The author provides insights into the opportunities and challenges that may arise with the widespread adoption of GPT technology in the SaaS industry.
2023/05/10   Li Donglin   388

A Comprehensive Guide to A/B Testing in Marketing

A/B testing is a popular method used by marketers to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It involves testing two variations of a marketing campaign to determine which one performs better. This guide explains what A/B testing is, how it works, and provides tips for conducting successful A/B tests. It also discusses common mistakes to avoid and precautions to take when conducting A/B tests.
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Implementing a Fluid Model in Organizational Project Management

The concept of the unity of opposites between the waterfall model and the agile method dates back to the 1970s. Essentially, they are two different methodologies proposed for project management from distinct perspectives and granularities, but with the common goal of achieving project success. The question arises whether it is feasible to develop a new name and model to unify these methodologies today.
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