For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! Sticky

For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! 51 Testing has published "2022 Software Testing Industry Status Survey Report" in March 2023. Wi...
  2023/04/03   Kelsea   8892

5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most popular alternative — ZenTao, and then touch base on the most common reasons, why businesses decided to move from Jira to ZenTao.
  2021/01/27   Maxx Fey   17738

Risk Assessment - A Comprehensive Guide for Enhanced Decision-Making

Discover the efficient decision-making guide by exploring the primary requirements of risk assessment solutions. Also, learn the 5-step threat management technique.
2024/03/24   Alex David   5298

Is Testing Going to Be Unemployed ?

Automation and AI advancements in software testing raise questions about replacing testing teams with crowdsourcing. However, concerns about quality, security, and innovation persist, underscoring the essential role of professional testing. Combining professional and public engagement is vital for comprehensive testing strategies, emphasizing the significance of software testing in delivering quality products and services.
2024/03/20   Jing Wang   4872

Are You "Doing" Agile or "Becoming" Agile?

With the steady development of Agile methodologies, teams implementing Agile practices face a crucial question: are they merely "doing" Agile or actively "becoming" Agile?
2024/03/17   Jing Wang   4730

OpenAI’s rival has released Inflection-2.5 whose high-EQ application Pi has exceeded one million daily users.

By 2024, the field of large models will still be like this. Following the birth of Claude 3, the world's most powerful model, OpenAI's rival has newly upgraded Inflection-2.5, which uses only 40% of the calculations, and its performance is on par with GPT-4.
2024/03/09   philip   5140

Integrated Product Development (IPD) Overview

Integrated Product Development (IPD) is an advanced approach to R&D management driven by market needs, emphasizing collaboration, lean principles, and risk-sharing. It offers benefits such as enhanced team efficiency, process transparency, and rapid dispute resolution, ensuring successful project outcomes.
2024/03/09   Jing Wang   3204

6 Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle

Discover the six phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and learn how you can use project management software to implement them.
2024/03/09   Gregory Batchelor   2714

How Collaborative Coding Works and How to Set It Up

Find out what collaborative coding is, how it can help your development teams work together better, and learn how to implement it.
2024/03/09   Gregory Batchelor   2712

User Story Writing Guide: Crafting Stories Closest to User Real Scenarios

The User Story Writing Guide advocates for creating concise and accurate user stories in software development. It emphasizes a standardized format, active voice, and customer involvement to ensure clarity and effective communication of project requirements.
2024/02/26   Jing Wang   3200

10 Key Principles of Effective Project Risk Management

Effective project risk management involves a careful balancing act of proactive measures. This page explores 10 key principles for getting started.
2024/02/23   Natasha Thakkar   1084

The Role of the Critical Path Model in Project Collaboration

It falls to project managers to keep the wheels turning. But where should you start, and how do you prioritize? Find out how the critical path method can help.
2024/02/22   Mark Stillman   614