ZenTao is the "Most Used Test Management Tool" for the Seventh Year in a Row! Sticky

ZenTao is the champion of the "Most Used Test Management Tools" for seven years in a row with a 38.5% market share in 2021!
  2022/03/22   ZenTao Team   3726

Ecovacs: ZenTao Achieves Smart Teamwork

Long before the "Smart Home" concept became fashionable, Ecovacs Robotics (ECOVACS) was already at the forefront of innovation in smart home robotics, exploring new ways for robots to transform home...
2022/12/12   WANG JING   111

Arcsolu: A Case of Project Management for Small and Mid-sized Teams

Arcsolu is an enterprise based in Paris, France, founded in 2006, which provides reliable and NF 525 certified cash register software solutions from 2017 according to the government law, Arcresto re...
2022/12/12   WANG JING   143

SKECHERS:ZenTao for all, all for Comfort

Software Solution Provider ZenTao has partnered with Skechers to help it become the world’s most popular footwear brand, with sports functionality and a casual lifestyle at its core. ZenTao has impr...
2022/09/19   WANG JING   245

Electric Wind Power Group: Project Management Informatization

Electric Wind Power Group (EWPG) is located in Shanghai and has about 13,000 employees. EWPG is a world-class high-end equipment manufacturer, focusing on smart energy, intelligent manufacturing and...
2022/09/19   WANG JING   165