For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! Sticky

For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! 51 Testing has published "2022 Software Testing Industry Status Survey Report" in March 2023. Wi...
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5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most popular alternative — ZenTao, and then touch base on the most common reasons, why businesses decided to move from Jira to ZenTao.
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Introduction to Feature-Driven Development(FDD)

Feature-Driven Development (FDD) is a graceful software development that focuses on making and delivering working software features efficiently and in a timely and effective manner. It is a process-driven approach that enhances collaboration, continuous testing, and iterative Development to ensure high-quality custom software development.
2023/03/29   philip   1598

From Good to Great: How to Conduct a Performance Review for Your Project Manager

As a project manager, you strive to deliver high-quality results and exceed expectations. But how do you know if you're performing at your best? The answer is simple: a performance review.
2023/03/21   philip   1591

Agile and Lean in User Experience

Agile and Lean in User Experience
2023/03/16   philip   626

How should the product manager disassemble competing products?

Before starting to make a product, it is often necessary to do a competitive product analysis first. By understanding the market situation and the advantages and disadvantages of competitive products, it is helpful to understand the market situation and accurately position its own products, so as to suit the remedy to the case and build its own products. How should the product manager do a good job of competitive product analysis? I believe this article can bring you inspiration.
2023/03/14   philip   636

Business closed-loop of knowledge payment

The business closed-loop of knowledge payment means that the knowledge payment platform realizes a virtuous circle among users, content and platform through a series of product functions and operation strategies. It can be divided into the steps of drainage, registration, trial, purchase, consumption, interaction, repurchase, and dissemination, which are analyzed by the author of this article. let's take a look at them.
2023/03/10   philip   622

23 Thinking About Payments

With the accumulation of experience and knowledge, some thinking models will be recurring, and summarizing them will benefit the improvement. In this article, the author summarizes 23 recurring thinking models in the payment field and hopes that they will be helpful to you.
2023/02/27   philip   620

The Core of Agile Testing

Quality built-in is the core of Agile testing, the two are inextricably linked.
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Core differences between XP and Scrum

The "extreme" in extreme programming refers to applying the principles and practices we agree on to effectively develop software to the limit, and practice it frequently, such as: "If unit testing is important, then we do test-driven development.
2022/05/11   ZenTao Team   3050

What Are The Complete Scrum Artifacts?

Most of people know the scrum structure as 3-3-5. Less people know the scrum structure as 3-3-3-5-5.
2022/02/17   ZenTao team   14924

The Difference Between Agile Project Management And Traditional Project Management

In this article, we’ll explore the traditional project management and the agile project management approaches, their advantages, and the differences between them.
2021/11/25   Michael Dehoyos   3925