For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! Sticky

For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! 51 Testing has published "2022 Software Testing Industry Status Survey Report" in March 2023. Wi...
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5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most popular alternative — ZenTao, and then touch base on the most common reasons, why businesses decided to move from Jira to ZenTao.
  2021/01/27   Maxx Fey   17850

5 Strategies for Setting Goals and Staying Accountable on Your PMP Exam Journey

When gearing up for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, meticulous planning and determination are of the utmost importance. This is where goal-setting takes center stage. It's not merely about aiming for success; it's about establishing a clear target score, deconstructing the study process into manageable steps, and constantly focusing on your goal. However, here's the catch: Even the most meticulous study plans can only succeed with accountability. That's why having a profound accountability system in place is essential. Whether it involves partnering with a study buddy or joining a dedicated exam prep group, accountability ensures adherence to your study schedule, methodical coverage of each topic, and the sustained drive necessary to overcome the exam.
2024/05/09   Nick Mendez   4591

10 Project management metrics you need to track right now

Regardless if you’re a project manager or not, you can’t ever measure something you don’t measure. However, even if you understand every single metric you need, it might sometimes be challenging to identify which performance metrics you should pay attention to.
2023/06/27   Tony Ademi   2818

Top 6 Test Management Tools in 2024

To create high-quality software, you have to thoroughly test it. For that, you will need reliable test management tools that can help you find and manage bugs in your code base. It is essential to have top-notch software testing services that can manage all your testing iterations especially when software developers are moving towards the trend of implementing test-driven development practices.
2023/06/14   Oliva   1800

Why Project Management for Digital Marketing Agencies is So Important

With the help of project management, digital marketing agencies can improve efficiency, track performance, simplify communication, reduce risks, and meet deadlines.
2023/04/07   philip   4778

Summary of data migration in the process of switching between old and new systems for B-end products

As a B-end product manager working for many years, you will encounter more or less new system replacement or system reconstruction and upgrade scenarios, data migration is a very important part of the system switching process, and the success of data migration directly affects the stable operation of the subsequent system. Different switchover scenarios will face different data migration problems, and a comprehensive data migration plan can guide the smooth implementation of data migration work.
2023/03/23   ZenTao team   653

On the Introduction of Grayscale Testing(Grayscale Release)

Editor’s Lead: Product managers and R&D teams can use grayscale testing (grayscale release) to select a certain group of people to use the product or application before it is officially released and popularized, and then find possible problems to avoid hitting the user experience. So, how do we conduct grayscale testing (grayscale release)? In this article, the author introduces the method of grayscale testing (grayscale release) and the difference between grayscale testing (grayscale release) and A/B testing. Let us take a look together.
2023/03/15   ZenTao Team   3270

7 common project management problems for new product managers

In the work of the product manager, in addition to demand research, demand analysis, and prototype drawing, project management is also the key to the success of the product launch. In this article, the author summarizes 7 project management problems that product managers may encounter, hoping to bring you some help.
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​How to Improve Your Product Management Processes With LCNC Tools

For many years, there were only two alternatives to build products/systems through an in-house team or buy from external vendors. But the adoption of Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) tools is on the rise. Many studies have proven their effectiveness to handle currently growing user demands. Let’s see how they can improve product management processes.
2022/02/03   Hazel Raoult   2829

5 project management tips for new managers

Being a project manager takes a lot of skill. So, in this article, we outlined different project management tips for new managers, including using project management software, creating specialized templates, and clearly outlining roles.
2022/01/17   Alex Ratynski   3139

ZenTao - The #1 Project Management Tool Using Scrum

Learn more about ZenTao project management software and the reasons why thousands of companies worldwide trust the platform.
2022/01/15   ZenTao   2492