Why Project Management for Digital Marketing Agencies is So Important

2023-04-07 13:32:00
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Summary : With the help of project management, digital marketing agencies can improve efficiency, track performance, simplify communication, reduce risks, and meet deadlines.

Importance of Project Management in a Digital Marketing Agency

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Every day digital marketing agencies build websites, provide SEO services, launch advertising campaigns, and manage many other tasks. They follow industry trends, report to stakeholders, and at the same time, keep their clients satisfied. This can be a challenge for even the most experienced digital agencies, not to mention companies just starting their journey. More and more organizations are hiring managers to plan and monitor all stages of the digital marketing process, direct teams, and use resources efficiently to increase the chances of success. In this ultimate guide, we discuss the following:

  • Introduction to SEO project management;
  • Importance of project management processes;
  • Tools and software for successful projects.

Introduction to digital marketing project management 

The concept of PM appeared between the 1900s and 1950s, although it is as old as the ancient pyramids because someone had to plan, budget, and assign responsibilities back then as well. Nowadays, a project manager can often be found at SEO and digital marketing agencies, financial institutions, software development companies, and many other industries.

Agency project management covers a variety of tasks, from planning budgets and milestones to team monitoring, creating reports, and communicating with clients. The primary role of a PM at an SEO agency is to ensure that tasks are completed successfully and within the given deadlines. 

The importance of agency project management 

Can you remember a project that was completed without a single problem? In the real world, it is complicated to foresee any obstacles you may face when completing a task or marketing campaign. It is easy to overlook a problem that can result in missed deadlines and increased costs. Good project management is a vital necessity for SEO agencies, and below we will explain why.

Improved efficiency and agency project planning

A project manager is responsible for breaking tasks into manageable stages and assigning them to team members. They understand the importance of project planning and follow guidelines and PM practices to achieve their goals. Attention to detail and careful planning allows the project manager to perform more efficiently. 

Quality of digital marketing agency services

It is difficult to imagine project management without reporting because digital marketers and SEO agencies need to ensure that all requirements and milestones are met. Both agency and client can evaluate the quality of the services using tools like SE Ranking report builder. With its help, managers can create advanced drop-and-drag reports while keeping clients informed every step of the way. The tool is easily integrated with Looker Studio and connected to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, with all information on a single dashboard. You can download reports in various formats and schedule automatic reporting if needed. 

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Streamline communication during a project

Project implementation is usually composed of various stages, with each team member busy with their own piece. The PM acts as an intermediary between the team and the client, establishing fast and effective communication. This helps employees to focus on their direct responsibilities and use their time more effectively.

Keep track of tasks across multiple projects

A large number of clients and tasks can overwhelm the team, so a professional project manager has to be able to juggle everything at once. Luckily, there are a large number of project management tools on the market to help with this. 

Stay on the project timeline

Missed deadlines are one of the most common problems in task delivery. But all steps and tasks can be carefully monitored when they are laid out in a process. Managers can ensure that each stage of the process goes as planned and every milestone is reached. And if they see that the team is falling behind, they can correct and adjust the plan accordingly. 

Digital marketing risk management

Another reason why project managers are so important for digital marketing agencies is their ability to minimize potential problems. Here are a few examples of some risks that PMs can help mitigate: poorly defined project goals, unclear guidelines, delays, conflicts within the team, and unrealistic schedules.

Project performance review (KPIs, OKRs) 

The project management strategy usually involves performance reviews. This technique analyzes and compares the current performance with the initial goals and plans. Project managers often use KPIs and OKRs to evaluate what the team has achieved:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assess the results of a project or its particular stages. For example, sticking to the budget, delivering on time, and meeting clients’ needs.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) set measurable outcomes within a particular period. To complete 50% of the task within a month, get 100,000 website visitors in 3 months, etc. 

Project management software for digital marketing agencies 

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine agency project management without auxiliary instruments that help track task scope, budgets, workflows, priorities, and other essential criteria. Below, we discuss the tools managers use.


ZenTao is an open-source project management software that serves over 30,000 teams and 200,000 tasks worldwide. It has free and premium packages for both SEO startups and big companies. ZenTao features include lifecycle solutions for Agile methodology, Kanban management, statistical reports, QA planning, built-in SVN and Git, and more. 

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Effective project managers know how important it is to keep all tasks and processes in one place. Teamwork is a tool that can help with this. It has a user-friendly interface and allows for tracking time, managing resources, and monitoring budgeting and profitability. 


Chosen by more than 180,000 users worldwide, Monday offers numerous instruments to run any type of business, including SEO and digital marketing agencies. It has real-time dashboards with all of the processes, updates, and statuses needed for effective performance.


Basecamp has message boards, to-do lists, saved files, communication channels, card tables, and schedules where team members tick boxes once a task is completed. It doesn’t take long to master Basecamp due to its simple and intuitive design.


ClickUp is an agency PM software aimed to boost productivity and performance. It can be used to create lists, folders, and tasks and to track employees, due dates, and stages.


Agency project management is a process that involves planning, budgeting, structuring, and monitoring to achieve various goals. In this overview, we went over the value of project management for SEO and digital marketing agencies and discussed the main reasons why investing in a PM specialist is a good idea. The main reasons include better planning, improved communication, progress tracking, sticking to deadlines, managing risks, and timely reporting. 

Companies that invest in project management spend 28 times less money, so in the long run, you not only achieve your goals more efficiently but also save funds that you can use to grow and evolve your organization.

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