The Curse of Knowledge

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand. It holds that it is difficult to imagine what it feels like not knowing something, once you know it. Since you do not remember what you do not understand, it is difficult for you to explain your knowledge to those who are not on the same level of understanding as you are.
2020/11/24   ZenTao Official   37

What is Kubernetes ( K8s ) ?

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration system for automating the management, placement, scaling, and routing of containers.
2020/11/24   Troy Yang   49

FAQ with Jeff Sutherland on Scrum Guide 2020

As part of the Scrum community, ZenTao team joined the Scrum Guide 2020 Launch Meeting on Zoom. The closing thoughts from Dr. Jeff Sutherland are quite inclusive and were summarized below.Thre...
2020/11/20   ZenTao Official   132

Stay with Jira or use an alternative?

Atlassian has just announced that the changes to their server and Data Center in October and they will discontinue selling server licenses.
2020/11/18   Troy Yang   85

SCRUM: a framework for developing and maintaining complex products

Scrum is a framework for developing and maintaining complex products. It is an incremental and iterative development process.
2020/11/18   philip   85

PO: How to prioritize backlog items?

The Product Backlog items are specifications and requirements, user stories, bugs, user cases, etc. According to Scrum, the primary responsibility of the Product Owner is to manage the team backlog. The Product Owner needs to prioritize those items by their value.
2020/11/17   Renee Fey   51

GoLang UDP Service Example

In order to avoid processing each layer of data, GoLang creates a copy of the same data in memory. It is passed by reference. That is the point of "slice"! It saves a lot of memory!
2020/11/15   Taotao   39

Multi-Project Management & Project Portfolio Management differences

Multi-Project Management (MPM) & Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
2020/11/11   Troy   47

Traditional Project Management VS Agile Project Management

Traditional project management and agile project management have their own advantages.
2020/11/10   Philip   63

Burndown Chart and What It Tells

A Burndown Chart is used to demonstrate the remaining work along with time.
2020/11/09   Renee Fey   67