5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most...
  2021/01/27   Maxx Fey   286

Classic test interview questions

1. Give you a website, how to test it?First, look for relevant documents such as requirements specifications, website design, etc., and analyze test requirements.To formulate a test plan, determ...
2021/02/06   bigstone517   149

Which is the best open source test case management tool?

Test Management involves the set of investigations conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or system under test. It is critical, detail-oriented and instrum...
2021/02/05   ZenTao Official   115

Why Zombie Scrum Teams Struggle To Improve Continuously

Many teams struggle to come up with small and tangible improvements, instead of resorting to vague improvements without ownership.
2021/02/04   Troy   154

Matters needing attention when using EVM for project management

The biggest characteristic of a software project is "two uncertainties and two limits", that is, the requirements and design are uncertain; the budget and construction period are limited. There is little "living space" for earned value management.
2021/01/31   bigstone517   118

ZenTao Ranked No.1 Test Management Tool For Five Years

The term “Test Management” encompasses anything and everything that testers should perform and the help of an efficient test management software would be great. Test management tools play a very imp...
2021/01/29   ZenTao Official   465

6 Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software (FOSS) in 2021

Project Management Software is an essential requirement nowadays to keep track of all demands of projects as time tracking, task assignment, bug tracking, report generation, and collaboration between teams. The following is a list of the top 6 free and open source Project Management Systems.
2021/01/28   Troy   1133

Causes of Scope Creep and How to prevent Scope Creep

Scope creep is when a project's requirements, goals, and vision changes go overwhelming what was originally agreed upon.
2021/01/25   Pixelskeleton   171

DevOps and Agile: What is the difference?

Based on my experience as an agile expert, I found that it is very important for organizations and teams to understand what agile and DevOps are at a high level, and how they can help teams work more efficiently, deliver high-quality products faster, and improve customer satisfaction. valuable.
2021/01/19   bigstone517   190

Alternatives to Jira in 2021 for Self-Hosted

There are many other agile management tools as alternatives to Jira you could try with. We will compare features among the most popular ones to help you choose the best for you.
2021/01/07   Pixel Gaccia   407