Choose the Proper Upgrade Method

2021-05-15 17:40:22
Last edited by Hongyan on 2022-03-21 14:55:09
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Summary : Back up your ZenTao data to avoid data loss. Try ZenTao Max free for 2 months! (Limited to 10 developer users and 20 lite users)

1. Before upgrading

  • Back up your ZenTao data to avoid data loss. Refer to the backup instruction HERE.
  • Upgrade when no one is using ZenTao.
  • Read ZenTao upgrade instruction.

2. Ations need to be done after the upgrade

  • For each release, a number of features will be added or changed, so the administrator needs to check the privileges after each upgrade.
  • Understand the features in the new release and do any necessary trainings.

3. Choose the right way to upgrade

If any question, contact

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