Research and Estimation

2022-05-05 16:50:58
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Research and Estimation

There are features of Research, Estimation, Issue, Risk, Opportunity, Process, Measurement, QA, Training, Meeting in the navigation of "Project"-"Other". With these features, you can better manage the various processes of the project.


We will introduce the features of Research and Estimation in this article.

First of all, you need to go to "More"-"Admin"-"Member"-"Privilege" to assign the relevant permissions to the users.

1. Research Plan and Research Report

The feature Research includes 2 parts: Research Plan and Research Report.


A key part of the software development process is research, and the results of the research directly determine the value of products.


Any software that is approved by the users is always subject to a detailed research process.

1.1 Research Plan

Click "Project"-"Other"-"Research"-"Create Research Plan".

Fill in the name and other information.

Click Save, and it will go to the list of research plans automatically.


If you have created the research report for this plan, you can click the button "View Research Report" to view it. Besides, you can click the button "Edit Research Plan" to edit it.

1.2 Research Report

There are 2 methods of creating research reports.


Method 1: Click "Create Research Report" in the top right corner.

Method 2: Click "Create Research Report" in the action bar on the right side of the research plan list.

The page of Create Research Report.

Then you can view it in the list of research reports.

1.3 The Relationship Between User Requirements and Research Reports

When creating user requirements in the Product module, you can select "Research Report" as the source of the requirement, and the drop-down box will show all the research reports.

The source and the name of the research report can be viewed on the details page of the user requirement.

If you have selected the research report when creating user requirements, you can view the related user requirement on the details page of the research report, too.

1.4 Templates of Research Plan and Research Report

The outline of research plans and the content of research reports can be saved as templates for the convenience of reusing.

2. Estimation

The project manager, product owner, and relevant stakeholders shall review the project requirements and objectives, determine the project scope and make preliminary estimates of the project scale.


The product owner shall identify the efficiency of the organization or project team based on historical experience and historical data (organization-level metrics library), then estimate the workload, duration, and budget of the project based on the scale estimate. The results are recorded in the project estimation (testing, QA, configuration, and project management work need to be estimated).

  • Workload Estimation: Calculate the workload required for the project based on known scale, complexity, and identified work efficiencies.
  • Duration Estimation: Based on the division of project milestones, the workload of each milestone is decomposed, and the duration required for each milestone is estimated based on the workload and input resources. In general, Duration = Milestone Workload/Number of people invested in the milestone
  • Budget Estimation: Costs are divided into direct costs and indirect costs from a financial perspective. Direct costs include personnel salaries, procurement outsourcing costs, etc. Indirect costs include rent, utilities, welfare, training, etc.

2.1 Set Basic Information of Estimation

Before making any estimation, you need to go to "More"-"Admin"-"Model"-"Global Setting"-"Estimation" to set the unit, unit labor cost, working hours/day, and working days/week.

2.2 Workload Estimation

Select your project and then click "Other"-"Estimation", you will find the workload estimation.


You need to estimate the workload before you can proceed with the "Duration Estimation".


Set the scale of the project, total man-hours, unit labor cost, estimated labor cost, and the daily man-hours.


The scale in the workload estimation is the total number of man-hours required for the project. It can be customized by setting a new scale or using the actual scale of the project.

To check the actual scale of the project, just go to Project - Software Requirement List and check the total man-hours required.

2.3 Duration Estimation

Now you can go to the duration estimation.


The duration estimation is an estimation of the workload for each stage. The workload of each stage will be allocated according to the workload and workload%. Or you customize and fill in the information according to the actual stages.

2.4 Budget Estimation

Before starting the budget estimation, you need to go to "More"-"Admin"-"Global Setting"-"Subject" to add the subjects.

Budget Estimation includes Summary and Budget List.


Click Batch Create or Create Budget.

Fill in the related information.

Click Save and it will go to the page of Budget List automatically.


There are buttons for edit and delete available on the right side.

The total budget can be viewed in the Summary.

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