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The project module in ZenTao comes with the feature of Doc management.


In the Doc section, it's available for you to create documents in various formats, create document libraries, or quickly create documents from templates. What's more, you can view the documents under the main project library, as well as create other project document libraries per your needs.

As for the attachment, there is a specific library to collect all the attached files and pictures automatically, and you can view them in Card or List.

1. Manage Category

It's recommended to start by managing the category.


Click "Manage Category", and then fill in the Name and Abbr.

2. Create a Document

2.1 Create a Document Directly

Click "Doc"-"Create".


Various formats including Html, Markdown, URL, Word, PPT, and Excel are available for you, or you can choose to create a document library.

If you want to create documents in the format of Word, PPT, or Excel, it's required to enable the conversion in "More"-"Admin"-"System"-"Office" and make some configurations.

Let's take an example of the Markdown file. Select "Markdown" and fill in the information.

Click Save, you will see it in the document. You can view the changes in History.

2.2 Create a Document From Template

Firstly, you need to go to "More"-"Admin"-"Custom"-"Configuration" to create the templates of documents.


The default templates are for Waterfall projects. As for the Scrum projects, you need to create the templates first.

Create a document template for Scrum projects.

Now you can go to "More"-"Admin"-"Global Setting"-"Document Template" to create your templates.

Come back to the "Project"-"Doc", and click "Create By Template".

Select the template just created, it will be filled in the text automatically.

Click Save to view it.

The action buttons include Full Screen, Edit, Delete, Add Favorite, and Import to Asset Lib are available.

3. Create a Document Library

A main library of the project will be created automatically after the project is created. Besides, you can create other project document libraries per your needs.

Click "Doc"-"Create"-"Document Library" and set the access control.

Click Save and you will go to the library automatically. Click its name to switch to another library.

4. Attachment Library

The tasks in Project-Execution, the project document, the project builds, the pictures uploaded in the Html editor, and even the attachment added on the Create page can be found in the Attachment Library.


You can view the attachment in Card or List.

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