Project Training and Meeting

2022-06-06 14:30:45
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Project Training and Meeting

With the feature "Training" built-in ZenTao, you can perform a capability gap analysis for project development requirements, make a project training plan, and fill out a training summary.


With the feature "Meeting" built-in ZenTao, you can initiate meetings for project development, record meeting minutes, and automatically create a to-do list of meeting types for participants when creating a meeting.

1. Training Management

1.1 Capability Gap Analysis

Click "Create Gap Analysis" in "Waterfall Project"-"Other"-"Training", and then fill in the "Analysis".

Click Save, it will go to the list page automatically.

1.2 Training Plan

Click "Training Plan"-"Create Training Plan".

In the drop-down box "Trainee", you can select the person whose status of "Training" is set to "Yes" in the "Gap Analysis".

Click Save, it will go to the list page automatically.

Buttons of "Edit Training Plan" and "Finish" are available on the right side.

Finished training plans cannot be edited.

1.3 Training Summary

Once the training is finished, you can click the button "Summary" to write the training summary.

2. Meeting Management

2.1 Create Meeting Room

Before creating a meeting, you need to go to "Admin"-"Model"-"Global Setting"-"Meeting Room" to create meeting rooms first.

2.2 Create Meeting

Click "Create Meeting" in "Project"-"Others"-"Meeting".

There are built-in options for "(Meeting) Type" and "Linked Type".

If the meeting is created in "My"-"Meeting" or it's about a Scrum project, the "(Meeting) Type" and "Linked Type" won't be shown.


If you select the "Linked Type" as "Software Requirement", all the requirements related to the project will be shown in the drop-down box of "Linked Object". There can be only one "Linked Object".

Click Save, it will go to the meeting list automatically.

2.3 Create Meeting Minutes

Click the button "Meeting Minutes" on the right side.

2.4 Meeting Reminder

Once the meeting is created, a to-do for the meeting type will be created automatically for each participant.

You can check the meetings involved in "My"-"Work"-"Meeting".

If the email alert, webhook, or the actions related to meetings have been set in "Admin"-"Message"-"Settings", the meeting participants will receive the email reminders or webhook reminders once the meeting is created.

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