Project Process, Measurement and QA

2022-06-01 13:11:18
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Project Process, Measurement, and QA

Project Process Tailoring Guide provides a standard methodology for tailoring the software process. Based on project metrics, the project manager will tailor the company's standard software process and make the development plan for the project. The QA team will write the QA Check Plan and QA Checklist according to the tailored project process.

Organizational Standard Process typically includes technical, management, administrative, support, and organization-level processes.

Organizational Standard Process Set as a whole should cover all processes required by the organization and the project.

The purpose of Organizational Standard Process Definition is to establish and maintain a usable set of organizational process assets and work environment standards for operational resilience, as well as team rules and guidelines.

Process assets include the Organization's Set of Standard Processes(OSSP) and supporting assets.

  • OSSP: A collection of the best processes, protocols, practices, methods, tools, etc that an organization can be reached.
  • Supporting assets: metrics library, training library, experience library, risk library, etc.

1. Process Tailoring

1.1 Project Process Tailoring

You can find "Process Tailoring" in "Waterfall Project"-"Others"-"Process".

ZenTao Max has built-in Process, Activity, and Output that you can tailor to your project.

Click "Process Tailoring", select a result (Yes or No) and fill in the reason.

1.2 Process Tailoring Norm

You can edit Process Tailoring Norm in "Admin"-"Model"-"Waterfall"-"Process"-"List". Clarify tailoring norms and provide a guide for what can be tailored, what can't be tailored, and what can be tailored in different situations.

2. Project Measurement

The organization reduces useless work through quantitative management. The head of a company prefers to focus on doing the right thing without any waste, as well as increasing efficiency and quality with the most economical activities.

Here we can manage and control performance at various jobs and business levels by measuring and analyzing results.

Without software measurement, you can't jump out of the dark box of software development. Software measurement can be used to improve the software development process, promote project success, and develop high-quality products.

2.1 Set Measurement

ZenTao Max has built-in Measurement. Before we benefit from this feature, we need to go to "Admin"-"Model"-"Global Setting"-"Measurement" to set the parameters, templates, and etc.

  • Interval Reminder: Set the interval and prompt for measurement data.
  • Measurement Definition: The SQL can be used directly in the templates setting. (Will show it below)
  • SQL Builder: SQL Builder.
  • The Template List: The templates created will be shown in "Project"-"Measurement"-"Measurement List".

Click "The Template List"-"Create a composite template".

Click the blue icon "M" to insert a measurement or report.

The items set in the "Measurement Definition" can be found in the "Measurement List".

2.2 Create Measurement

Or you can create a new measurement.

2.3 View The Measurement

You can view the measurement data in "Project"-"Others"-"Report".

3. Project QA

QA is short for Quality Assurance.

QA is a system of activities aimed at ensuring that quality management is carried out and completed in a practical and effective manner.

QA focuses on measuring and checking the quality, as well as improving the process.

We have the second navigation bar "QA" in the module "Project" in ZenTao Max, where you can create audit plans and track the "No Conformity (NC)"

3.1 Create QA Audit Plans

The audit objects are listed on the left side of the page.

Click "Create Plan", and then select "Process", "Object ID", and the related documents. The documents can be set in "Admin"-"Model"-"Waterfall"-"QA Checklist".

Click Save and it will go to the Audit Plan List automatically, and you will see the plan created before here.

Click the button "Check" in the action bars.

3.2 Audit documents according to the audit plans

You can audit the "Audit Content" set in "Admin"-"Model"-"Waterfall"-"QA Checklist".

3.3No Conformity (NC)

For any NC, you can view it in "Project"-"Others"-"QA"-"NC".

Once you solved the NC, click the button "Resolve", and fill in the fields required. Don't forget to click Save.

3.4 Set the QA Checklist

Click "Admin"-"Model"-"Waterfall"-"QA Checklist", and you will see the Audit Objects on the left side.

Click "Batch Create".

The settings will appear in the check items of the related audit plan.

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