About ZenTao Max

2021-05-13 09:55:54
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Summary : Try ZenTao Max free for 2 months! (Limited to 10 developer users and 20 lite users)

About ZenTao Max

1. What is ZenTao Max?

ZenTao Max has been significantly upgraded from the previous version. ZenTao Max has built-in concepts of Program, Product, Project and management models, as well as significant UI optimizations.


The new version of ZenTao will not be limited to the management of the development. On the one hand, it extends the management to the company's strategic level through the concept of Program; on the other hand, the management models have been improved a lot. The new version of ZenTao adds the Waterfall model based on the Agile model; and also upgrades the concept of Project. In the previous version, a project only represents one iteration/sprint, but in the new version, a project can have multiple iterations or stages.

2. Why Launching ZenTao Max?

After years of development, the popular ZenTao has gradually become the preferred tool in the field of product development and management. ZenTao attracts more and more users, and everyone has higher and higher requirements and expectations for project management. On the one hand, the previous ZenTao can only manage projects through the Agile methodology and lacks a variety of flexible project management models. On the other hand, the previous ZenTao is limited to managing the process of research and development and lacks an overall plan for the business.


In order to meet the growing number of users and their personalized requirements, ZenTao Max is launched. We hope that the upgraded features will help you to better manage your projects and improve your work efficiency.

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