1 Download and Upgrade to 15.0+ Series
2 New Features of ZenTao 15 Series
3 Interface Changes of 15 Series
4 Update to the Latest Version
5 Quick Start of 15 Series
6. Basic Application of Version 15
6.1 Beginner
6.2 Add Integrally
6.3 API Library
7. Base On The Roles
7.1. Admin
7.1.1 Edit Departments and Team Members
7.1.2 Edit Users
7.1.3 Edit Privilege
7.2. Program Leader
7.2.1 Create a Program
7.2.2 Link to Products
7.2.3 Create a Project
7.2.4 Manage Staffs
7.2.5 Add a Program Stakeholder
7.3. Product Owner
7.3.1 Create a Product
7.3.2 Edit Modules
7.3.3 Product Multi-branch/Platform Management
7.3.4 Edit Plans
7.3.5 Edit Stories
7.3.6 Review a Story
7.3.7 Create a Release
7.3.8 Tracking Progress
7.4. Project Manager
7.4.1 Edit Projects and Execution
7.4.2 Edit Teams
7.4.3 Link to Stories
7.4.4 Split Tasks
7.4.5 Tracking Progress
7.4.6 Waterfall Project
7.4.7 Kanban Project
7.5. Development Team
7.5.1 Apply for Tasks and Bugs
7.5.2 Update Status
7.5.3 Complete Tasks and Bugs
7.5.4 Submit Codes
7.5.5 The General Kanban, Story Kanban, Bug Kanban, and Task Kanban
7.6. Test Team
7.6.1 Edit Users' Case
7.6.2 Execute Users' Case
7.6.3 Submit a Bug
7.6.4 Test and Close a Bug
8. DevOps Features
8.1 Git/SVN Repository Management and Viewing Code
8.2. Integrate GitLab
8.2.1 Integrate GitLab, Bind Users, Link to Issues and Create a Build
8.2.2 Integrate GitLab and Submit the Merge Requests
8.2.3 GitLab Privilege in ZenTao
8.3 Integrate Jenkins and Create a Build
8.4 Integrate SonarQube
9 General Kanban
10. Backstage Settings of Version 15
10.1 Desktop
10.2 Model
10.3 Custom
10.4. Message
10.4.1 Mail
10.4.2 Webhook
10.4.3 Browser
10.4.4 Settings
10.5 Extension
10.6 Secondary Development
10.7 System
10.8 Import Jira Data
10.9 Registration Menu and Privilege
11. Privileges Management and Access Control of Version 15
11.1 Privileges Management and Access Control for Programs
11.2 Privileges Management and Access Control for Products
11.3 Privileges Management and Access Control for Projects
11.4 Privileges Management and Access Control for Executions
11.5 Access Control and Data Relationships for Projects and Executions

Edit Users

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Summary : Edit Users

Edit Users

After the administrator edits the organizational department, the next step is to edit the users.

You can add new users by clicking the Add User and Bulk Add User buttons in the upper right corner of the user list.
After the user is added successfully, you can click the operation button on the right side of the user list to edit and delete the user.
If the user is locked, the unlock operation can also be performed.
Click the edit button at the bottom of the user list to edit users in batches.

1.Add users

Login to ZenTao with an administrator account.Under "Admin" - "member" - "Users", users can be added, added in batches, and edited in batches.

After logining the "Add User" page, select the user type, department, and fill in other relevant information. Notice:

Privilege Group:


Privilege Group can be set in "member" - "Previlege", which can be specific to the permission of an operation action. Check out the Maintenance Privileges manual.
In the "Password" section at the bottom of "Add User", input the current user password for adding a user, and click "Save". Automatically return to the user list, you can see the user just added. Batch added are also possible.

2. Batch add users

Click "Admin" - "member" - "batch add users".

Input "password" at the bottom of the page and click "Save". After automatically returning to the user list, you can see the users you just added in batches.

3、 Batch edit user
On the user list page, you can click "select all" or select multiple users and click "Edit" to batch edit users.

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