1 Download and Upgrade to 15.0+ Series
2 New Features of ZenTao 15 Series
3 Interface Changes of 15 Series
4 Update to the Latest Version
5 Quick Start of 15 Series
6. Basic Application of Version 15
6.1 Beginner
6.2 Add Integrally
6.3 API Library
7. Base On The Roles
7.1. Admin
7.1.1 Edit Departments and Team Members
7.1.2 Edit Users
7.1.3 Edit Privilege
7.2. Program Leader
7.2.1 Create a Program
7.2.2 Link to Products
7.2.3 Create a Project
7.2.4 Manage Staffs
7.2.5 Add a Program Stakeholder
7.3. Product Owner
7.3.1 Create a Product
7.3.2 Edit Modules
7.3.3 Product Multi-branch/Platform Management
7.3.4 Edit Plans
7.3.5 Edit Stories
7.3.6 Review a Story
7.3.7 Create a Release
7.3.8 Tracking Progress
7.4. Project Manager
7.4.1 Edit Projects and Execution
7.4.2 Edit Teams
7.4.3 Link to Stories
7.4.4 Split Tasks
7.4.5 Tracking Progress
7.4.6 Waterfall Project
7.4.7 Kanban Project
7.5. Development Team
7.5.1 Apply for Tasks and Bugs
7.5.2 Update Status
7.5.3 Complete Tasks and Bugs
7.5.4 Submit Codes
7.5.5 The General Kanban, Story Kanban, Bug Kanban, and Task Kanban
7.6. Test Team
7.6.1 Edit Users' Case
7.6.2 Execute Users' Case
7.6.3 Submit a Bug
7.6.4 Test and Close a Bug
8. DevOps Features
8.1 Git/SVN Repository Management and Viewing Code
8.2. Integrate GitLab
8.2.1 Integrate GitLab, Bind Users, Link to Issues and Create a Build
8.2.2 Integrate GitLab and Submit the Merge Requests
8.2.3 GitLab Privilege in ZenTao
8.3 Integrate Jenkins and Create a Build
8.4 Integrate SonarQube
9 General Kanban
10. Backstage Settings of Version 15
10.1 Desktop
10.2 Model
10.3 Custom
10.4. Message
10.4.1 Mail
10.4.2 Webhook
10.4.3 Browser
10.4.4 Settings
10.5 Extension
10.6 Secondary Development
10.7 System
10.8 Import Jira Data
10.9 Registration Menu and Privilege
11. Privileges Management and Access Control of Version 15
11.1 Privileges Management and Access Control for Programs
11.2 Privileges Management and Access Control for Products
11.3 Privileges Management and Access Control for Projects
11.4 Privileges Management and Access Control for Executions
11.5 Access Control and Data Relationships for Projects and Executions

Interface Changes of 15 Series

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Interface Changes of 15 Series

We have adjusted the homepage, navigation and its contents of each function module in ZenTao 15 series.


Below we will give you a detailed explanation of the adjustment of each functional module.

Adjustment of My Site

  • My Site in the previous series changes to My, Homepage changes to Dashboard.
  • Assign To Me in the previous series changes to Work.
  • My Task, My Requirement, My Bug, My Case, My Document, My Test Report in the previous series are located at Work and Contribute now.
  • The following items in the Work menu are Task, Software Requirement, Bug, Test Case, and Request that are assigned to me and need to be handled.
  • The following items in the Contribute menu are Task, Requirement, Case, Request, Doc that Created By Me.
  • Project and Execution are newly added in My Dashboard in 15 series, the Projects and Sprints/Iterations that the current user is involved in can be viewed.
  • Project statistics, project manpower input, my contribution, and the project I participated in are newly added.

Navigation in My:

The following items in My Work:

The following items in Contribute:

Work Block:

Contribute Block:


Program function module is newly added

Programs can be managed at multiple levels. You can create several multi-level programs.


Multi-level Programs can be isolated from each other through permission settings.


Sub-Program can be created under a Program, and a Project can belong to a Program or a Sub-Program.


Program is located at the highest level, one or more Sub-Programs, Products, and Projects can be managed under it. Products are a little more special. They can only be linked to top-level Programs and cannot be assigned to Sub-Programs.

Product, Project, Member, Stakeholder that linked to Program can be viewed:

You can switch to view Program:

Adjustment of Product module

The adjustment of the Product module is as follows:

  • Product Dashboard and Product List are newly added. All products can be viewed and edited in the Product List.
  • Product Module blocks in the Dashboard are coming soon.
  • Product secondary navigation is adjusted and grouped.
  • A secondary navigation "Matrix" is newly added. Tasks, Cases, and Bugs related to Requirements can be viewed clearly.
  • Product, Module, and Whitelist can be edited under "Settings" in the secondary navigation.

Products can be viewed in the Program they belong to.

Products can only be linked to the top-level Program and can't be linked to Sub-Program.

Secondary Navigation for Products in 15 series:

Track of Product:

You can switch to view products through the drop-down component in the left top corner:

Adjustment of Project Module

The Project in ZenTao 15 series is different from the series before.


A project in the previous series is a sprint/iteration, but it may contain several sprint/iterations in the 15 series.


The Project List can be viewed from the project status label or filtered by the program to which they belong.

Entering into a specific project, the overall situation of the project and the sprint/iteration can be viewed in the Dashboard.


The following items in Project--Sprint/Iteration are all the sprints and iterations of the project and can be viewed by the status label.

The Project, Product Associated, Team and Whitelist Management, Stakeholder, Privilege can be edited in Project--Settings.


Stakeholders are internal and external personnel who are related to the project. You can set Privilege Group and Privilege Given for a specific project.

The function module of Execution is newly added

The concept and function module of Execution is newly added in 15 series. Sprint/Iteration in the projects is managed under Execution.

As far as the Sprint/Iteration under Project, the overall situation and progress of the project can be clearly and globally viewed.

As far as the Sprint/Iteration under Execution, the development team can quickly and directly view the Sprint/Iteration that they have participated in.

You can filter and view Execution by Mine or other labels and the project name will be displayed.

Adjustment of Test module

Regarding the Test module, the main adjustment is about the secondary navigation.

Adjustment of Dev&Ops module

The Integration (Code) in the previous ZenTao series is changed to DevOps.

Products need to be linked when you create a Repository in ZenTao 15 series, you can link to one or more products.

Adjustment of Document module

The navigation, blocks, and interface styles of the Documentation module have been completely adjusted.

The navigation is clearer and the interface is more refreshing and intuitive. The Attachment Library is no longer displayed.

Viewing and Displaying of Documents:

Adjustment of the System module

The System module in the 15 series only displays Team, Dynamic, and Company. And can't edit Users and Privileges in it anymore.

System view of 15 series:

Click the Name of the team list to view the user's related Schedule, Tasks, Software Requirement, Bugs, Test Requests, Cases, Execution, Dynamic, and Profile information.

Adjustment of Admin module

The main adjustment of Admin is mainly about the secondary navigation.

Members are moved from the organizational view to the background view in the 15 series.

You can Set Story Concept in the Model menu.

The super administrator can set the default requirement concept. He/She can choose which requirement concept to display in the personalized settings of the user panel.

Under the System menu, you can view Data, Security Settings, Cron, Time zones, and Rebuild Index in Full-Text Search.

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