Software Requirement

2022-03-15 11:08:18
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Software Requirement

Software Requirement

  • Can be added by clicking "Software Requirement"
  • Can be linked with the product requirement which belongs to the project
  • Can be synced from the execution requirement of the project

1. Create a requirement in "Project" -- "Software Requirement"

1.1 Go to a specific project, click "Software Requirement" to enter the requirement list page. 

1.2 Click "Create Software Requirement" or "Create Story".

Note: If you turn on the "User Requirement" in "Admin" -- "Custom" -- "Concept", you will see the option of "User Requirement".

User Requirement

  • User requirements are requirements interpreted or developed by product managers, technical support or sales personnel, etc. It is a demand for the product from the user's point of view based on their actual need.
  • The source of user requirements can be the result of the analysis of the original requirements.
  • It can also be the result of data analysis, market research and other creative management methods. Generally speaking, the granularity of this user requirement is big.

2. Link stories to a project

Click "Link Story", select the items needed in the drop-down menu, and then click Save.

Actions including Change, Close, Edit, Add Case, Unlinked Software Requirement can be taken in the Software Requirement list.

In the case of the software requirement that has been linked to the project execution list, when you remove the requirement from the project requirements list, you will be prompted to go to the Execution -- Software Requirement to remove it first before you can remove it from the project. 

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