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A project is made by one or more executions.

Execution in the Scrum projects covers iteration/sprint, while in the Waterfall projects cover stages/phases.

Once the project has been created, we can create execution and process the basic settings such as set team members, link stories, and split tasks followed by the coding process.

We have introduced how to set stages in the last article. Now, we are going to take the Scrum project as an example to introduce the execution part.

1. Create an execution

1.1 Select a specific project from the project list and click its name, you will go to the dashboard of the project.

1.2 Click the button "Iteration"


  • The display result is "Iteration" or "Sprint" depending on the settings in "Admin"-"Custom"-"Concept"
  • If you tick the box "Program-Product-Sprint" in "Admin"-"Custom"-"Concept", you will see "Sprint" instead of "Iteration" on the same page

1.3 Click "Create Iteration" and fill in the required information.

1.4 Click Save and you will see the iteration just created in the iteration list.

2. View an execution

You can view the executions in the Execution List or Execution Kanban.

Click "Execution" in the red square like below, and then click "Execution Kanban".

2.1 View executions in the Execution Kanban

  • The status and progress of the executions under the ongoing projects will be listed
  • There are two kinds of projects: "The projects that involved me" & "the projects I can access"
  • Select an execution and click its name, you will go to the task list

2.2 View executions in the Execution List

  • There are two kinds of executions: "The executions that involved me" & "the executions I can access"
  • Various tags here for viewing executions in different status
  • You can filter the executions under the project

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