Basic Settings of Project

2022-05-09 15:14:06
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Basic Settings of Project

There are 3 project management models in ZenTao Max, which are Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban.


The Scrum project management model is based on the Agile development methodology, where projects are developed in iterations.


Waterfall projects consist of various stages. The default stages in ZenTao include requirement, design, Dev, QA, release, and summary&review.


We are going to introduce how to create projects and the basic settings of projects in this article.

1. Create Scrum Projects

1.1 Click "Project"-"Create Project"-"Scrum".

1.2 Fill in the required information.

1.3 Click Save and it will go to the list of all the projects automatically. The name of the project is prefixed with "Scrum", which indicates that the management model for this project is Scrum.

1.4 Click the name of the project to view its details.


Click "Settings" to view the project overview, related products, team members, whitelist, stakeholders, etc.

2. Create Waterfall Projects

2.1 Go to the page of "Project List" and click "Create Project"-"Waterfall".

Fill in the required information and click Save.

2.2 Set stages of the waterfall project.

Then you can view it in the module of Stage. Besides, you can change the status of the stage, create tasks, create sub-stages, edit the stage, and delete the stage by clicking the action buttons on the right side.

2.3 You can view the details of each stage such as the beginning and ending date, the status, manhours cost and left, the progress, and the burndown chart.

3. Basic Settings of Project

Let's take an example of the Scrum Project to introduce the basic settings of projects.

3.1 Overview

Go to "Settings"-"Overview" to check the dynamics, team, and other information.

3.2 Product

Go to "Settings"-"Product" to check the linked and unlinked products. You can tick the boxes of the unlinked products to associate them with the project.

3.3 Team

Go to "Settings"-"Team" to check the team members of this project. The members involved in the execution of the project will be synced to the list. Click "Manage Team" to add or delete members.

3.4 Whitelist

Go to "Settings"-"Whitelist" to check and add the whitelist members of the project. The whitelist members involved in the execution of the project will be synced to the list.

3.5 Stakeholder

Go to "Settings"-"Stakeholder" to check and add stakeholders.

On the page "Add Stakeholder", you can select a project member, a colleague, or an external person as a stakeholder. (Type: Project Team, Internal, External)

In the case that the stakeholder is not a ZenTao user (Type: External), you can just tick the box of "Create" to create a user as the stakeholder.

3.6 Privilege

The settings of privilege are realized through the Privilege Group.

Click "Create Group" and fill in the required information.

If you have ticked the box "Limited Users" when creating a group in "More"-"Admin"-"Member"-"Privilege", the button Copy Group will be grayed out in the list of the Privilege Group.

The members in this group will be limited to viewing their own related actions.

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