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Summary : One-click installation package for Linux has built-in Apache, Php, MySQL. All you need to do is to unzip it and install. Both 32 bit and 64-bit packages are available. Try ZenTao Max free for 2 months! (Limited to 10 developer users and 20 lite users)

One-click installation package for Linux has built-in XXD, Apache, Php, MySQL. All you need to do is to unzip and install. Both 32 bit and 64-bit packages are available. 

1. Install

You can download ZenTao Max HERE.

1.1 Unzip to /opt.

Do NOT unzip to other directories then copy it to /opt, as the owner and read/write privilege of the files might be changed. 

You can use sudo tar -zxvf  ZenTaoPMS.X.X.stable.zbox_XX.tar.gz -C /opt

1.2 Command

    - Start Apache and MySQL:  /opt/zbox/zbox start

    - Stop Apache and MySQL:  /opt/zbox/zbox stop

    - Restart Apache and MySQL: /opt/zbox/zbox restart

If you need to start automatically after booting, you can add /opt/zbox/zbox restart to the self-start directory of the operating system.

1.3 Start Apache and MySQL 

Visit http:// IP_of_ZenTao_Server: Apache_port ( Default account is  admin,and its password  123456) in your browser.

If the webpage cannot be accessed, turn off the firewall and selinux of the computer that ZenTao is installed, and then refresh the webpage. (Open the apache port in the security group when using the cloud server)

1.4 Others

Enter /opt/zbox/zbox -h to get the zbox command help.

-ap is to modify the port of Apache, and -mp is to modify the port of MySQL.

For example, change Apache port 8080, and MySQL port to 3307. Enter

/opt/zbox/zbox stop
/opt/zbox/zbox -ap 8080 -mp 3307
/opt/zbox/zbox start

2. Visit the database

2.1 Login the database in a browser

ZenTao Max database is administered by Adminer. For security reasons, user authentication is required when visiting he Adminer. Run /opt/zbox/auth/ to add a user. (First cd /opt/zbox/auth/ and then execute ./

Steps: Visit http:// IP_of_ZenTao_Server: Apache_port and click "Database".

2.1.1 Enter the account and password of the user added by running in the popout. The user added in the screenshot above is root and its password is 123456. Username and password is for you to define.

2.1.2 The login page is displayed in the browser.

     System: MySQL by default.

     Server : MySQL Port (For example,

     User: root (by default)

     Password: 123456 (by default)

     Database: zentao

  - Import the data

2.2 Use command line to connect to the database

Log in the database : /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P MySQL Port -p 

For example, /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P 3306 -p

Import to the database : /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P MySQL Port -p LIB NAME IMPORTED < XXXX.sql   

For example, /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P 3306 -p zentao < zentao.sql

3. PHP parse is forbidden in one-click installation package

The security of one-click installation package has been upgraded. If you want to install Zsite (CMS)Zdoo (collaborative system), or third-party systems, you have to change accordingly in /opt/zbox/etc/apache/httpd.conf

Change SetHandler text/plain all in the directory of /opt/zbox/etc/apache/httpd.conf to SetHandler application/x-httpd-php and restart Apache.

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