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Summary : Try ZenTao Max free for 2 months! (Limited to 10 developer users and 20 lite users)
One-click installation package for Windows based on Xampp is offered to simplify the installation for you. Xampp is a well-known AMP integrated operating environment. ZenTao one-click installation package is simplified based on Xampp, and integrates our self-developed integrated Runner, which will be more convenient.

Visit the official website "" to know more about the one-click installation of Xampp (Note: This is the official website of XAMPP, not the one-click installation package of ZenTao Max).

ZenTao Runner is upgraded to version 2.0.0. ZenTao Max is packaged separately for 64-bit and 32-bit. Please download the corresponding Windows one-click installation package according to your device.

Enable the Apache user authentication and modify MySQL password, and the fresh installation will prompt to install the VC environment.

Note: The XXD service has been integrated into the windows one-click installation package, so you do not have to install and deploy XXD separately.

1. Installation 

1.1 Download the latest one-click installation ( .exe file).
1.2 Double-click to unzip it to a directory, such as d:\zentao, be noticed that it must be the root directory.

1.3 Double-click Xampp\start.exe to launch control panel shown below:

   (If VC is not installed, there will be a prompt asking you to install VC++.)

1.4 You can config your ports by going to "Services->Config port", then click "Start Zentao", and wait a moment for it to start.

2. Change MySQL password

2.1 Once started, a prompt will remind you to change the database password. You can use the password recommended or set one for your own. 

2.2 You can go to "Password->MySQL setting", or "xampp/zentao/config/my.php" to check and set your password later.

3. Login ZenTao 

3.1 The "Apache authentication" is enabled by default (Refer to section 4 for more details). If you don't want Apache authentication, just untick the box to disable it. 

3.2 Use a Super Admin account to log in ZenTao (The default account is "admin" and its password is "123456").

3.3 If the password is too weak, ZenTao will remind you to change it.

3.4 Or log in ZenTao by the Super Admin Account and go to More->Admin->System->Security to change the password.

4. Apache authentication (Optional)

4.1 If Apache authentication is enabled, users have to enter the account and password to visit ZenTao. Non-Admin users have to ask for the account and password from the Admin.

5. Visit ZenTao database (Optional)

5.1 It is the default setting that database can only be login on ZenTao sever. 

5.2 Browse PORT(Port is required if it is not 80), then click "MySQL" on the login page to enter "ZenTao Adminer".

Type config in xampp/zentao/config/db.php to visit ZenTao database.

Note: Your browser might autofill a Username and Password that might not be the one that you need. Refer to what have been mentioned above and change it. 

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