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2022-08-04 14:34:02
Last edited by Yujia Li on 2022-11-14 10:59:08
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Summary : Introduce how to manage tasks in ZenTao and Jira.

In ZenTao:

The stories of the product can be associated under the execution module, and the tasks are split by the stories. Or you can create tasks directly under the execution module and assign them to team members. Once the team members receive the tasks, they will start their work by clicking Start Task in ZenTao. At the same time, they will record the daily cost man-hours and work content in the effort log to estimate the man-hours left. After everything is done, they will click Close Task. The tasks can also be activated later on the task details page.

In Jira:

  • There is no specific task management module in Jira. You can select its type when creating an issue. Besides, the issue type can be customized.
  • Select a version from the top menu, select an activity sprint and view the list of issues, the issues are displayed as cards.
  • Select Search issues at the top of the app, and type directly into the search bar.
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