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2022-08-04 14:34:02
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Summary : We will introduce a test team's workflow in ZenTao and Jira through a hypothetical scenario.


Jack, the tester, tests use cases with Atlassian add-ons such as Zephyr Squad, Zephyr Scale, or Xray. As usual, Jack builds the test cases, runs the test execution, and then gets the test results and reports. Let's suppose, for example, the use case was about "users can log in with the correct account and password", with the detailed description: 1. Fill in the correct user name 2. Fill in the correct password and click Login. Jack found a bug in step 2 during the execution (testing), which is, after clicking Login, it jumped to a blank page.


Let's see how Jack deals with it in Jira software:

In Zephyr, Jack clicks the button Bug near the test step 2 and sets its priority and severity, there will be an issue which type is Bug and with the same detailed information shown in Jira. The Bug-type issue will be assigned to the module owner automatically because it's set when creating the project. The module owner will get the notification and create a new branch in their source code management tool (Atlassian add-ons, such as Bitbucket), and begin fixing the bug directly from the Jira Software ticket.


Let's see how Jack deals with it in ZenTao:

Before we talk about Jack's story, we have to make some corrections to the scenario above. Different from Jira requires the add-ons to work together to handle the test management, ZenTao is powerful enough to manage all in one. Actually, ZenTao is frequently praised by its users for the reasonable and simple test management process.


After the developers submit the test requests in ZenTao, Jack, the tester, received a "Request"--"Login function test". Firstly, Jack linked a use case to the request (he might import directly from the use case library in ZenTao). Let's suppose, for example, the use case was about "users can log in with the correct account and password" and after step 1 as well as step 2, it jumped to a blank page.


Now, we can continue Jack's story to see how the bug tracking going in the test management process in ZenTao.


Jack reports the use case that fails the execution as a Bug, with setting its type, severity, priority, etc. The Dev team will receive the notification automatically and confirm the Bug followed by fixing Bug, and then it will come back to the test team for verification. After the double testing, Jack gave the use case a pass. All the team members with permissions could view the bug-related information and reports.

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