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2022-08-04 14:33:25
Last edited by Yujia Li on 2022-11-14 10:15:26
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Jira Software provides default project templates, while other types of projects require to configure custom workflows. Jira issues are tracked through workflow configuration steps, with customizable permissions that allow administrators to determine who can view and perform which actions, and reports can be generated to track progress and productivity.


ZenTao provides three project management models, Scrum, Waterfall and Kanban, which users can choose flexibly. Scrum project can decompose product development into several iterations, supporting the whole process of agile development project management. Through the waterfall project management model, users can divide the project nodes in a phased manner and complete the project step by step in phase order, supporting the implementation of CMMI2.0. Through the professional R&D Kanban, you can use pull-type production to promote project progress, flexibly add new areas and lanes according to business needs, customize the height of the lanes, and set the limit on the quantity of in-process products to improve delivery efficiency.


ZenTao can flexibly set permissions, define who can view projects and operations, understand project status and grasp project progress through various views such as Gantt chart, burnout chart, dashboard, statistical reports, Kanban, etc.

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