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2022-08-04 14:33:25
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Summary : Introduce the OveOps philosophy and ZenTao to provide integrated DevOps solutions.

DevOps is a culture, a state of mind, a way of software development or infrastructure, and a way of building and deploying software and applications. It assumes that there is no barrier between development and operation and maintenance. They work together and there is no contradiction.

DevOps is based on practices in two other areas: Lean and Agile. DevOps is not a position or role within a company; it is an organization or team's persistent pursuit of continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous integration. Gene Kim (the author of the Phoenix project and the Unicorn project) believes that there are three ways to define the philosophy of DevOps:

  • The first type: process principle
  • The second type: feedback principle
  • The third type: the principle of continuous learning

DevOps does not arise out of thin air, it is a flexible practice, and its essence is a shared culture and way of thinking about software development and IT or infrastructure implementation. DevOps is widely used for its advantages of rapid response to changes, improved communication channels, and quick identification of bugs. However, there are few related support tools, but ZenTao provides an integrated DevOps solution.

DevOps in ZenTao integrates Git and SVN repository management. After the integration is completed, you can:

  • Maintain repositories for Git and SVN
  • Synchronize code with Git and SVN
  • View the code directory
  • View code
  • Diff
  • Blame
  • View the code submitted according to the instruction on the Task, Bug, and Requirement details page

The support for DevOps of ZenTao, including Git, GitLab, Subversion system integration, Jenkins build task triggering and ZTF automation test scheduling.

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