1. ZenTao API development guides
1.1 Configuration and FAQ
1.2 Examples of the calling SDK
1.3. Department interface
1.3.1 Get the department list
1.3.2 Batch create departments
1.4. User interface
1.4.1 Get patameters of adding users
1.4.2 Add a single user
1.4.3 Get the user list
1.5. Product interface
1.5.1 Get the product list
1.5.2 Optional information for adding a single product
1.5.3 Create a single product
1.6. Project interface
1.6.1 Get the project list
1.6.2 Optional information for adding a single project
1.6.3 Create a single project
1.7. Task interface
1.7.1 Get the task list
1.7.2 Optional information for adding a single task
1.7.3 Create a single task
1.7.4 Optional information for finishing a single task
1.7.5 Finish a single task
1.8. Bug interface
1.8.1 Get the bug list
1.8.2 Optional information for reporting a single bug
1.8.3 Report a single bug
1.8.4 Optional information for resolving a single bug
1.8.5 Resolve a single bug
2. ZenTao API documents (V1.0)
2.1. Token
2.1.1 Get Token
2.2. Department
2.2.1 Get the department list
2.2.2 Get department details
2.3. User
2.3.1 Access to my profile
2.3.2 Get the user list
2.3.3 Get user information
2.3.4 Edit user information
2.3.5 Delete users
2.3.6 Create users
2.4. Program
2.4.1 Get the program list
2.4.2 Edit programs
2.4.3 Access to program details
2.4.4 Delete programs
2.4.5 Create programs
2.5. Product
2.5.1 Get the product list
2.5.2 Create products
2.5.3 Get product details
2.5.4 Edit products
2.5.5 Delete products
2.6. Product plan
2.6.1 Get the list of product plans
2.6.2 Create plans
2.6.3 Get plan details
2.6.4 Edit plans
2.6.5 Delete plans
2.6.6 Link the stories to the product plan
2.6.7 Cancel the link between the product plans and stories
2.6.8 Link the bugs to the product plan
2.6.9 Cancel the link between the product plan and bugs
2.7. Release
2.7.1 Get the release list of product
2.7.2 Get the release list of project
2.8. Story
2.8.1 Get the story list of product
2.8.2 Get the story list of project
2.8.3 Get the story list of execution
2.8.4 Create story
2.8.5 Get story details
2.8.6 Change a story
2.8.7 Change some other fileds of story
2.8.8 Delete a story
2.9. Project
2.9.1 Get project list
2.9.2 Create a project
2.9.3 Get project details
2.9.4 Modify a project
2.9.5 Delete a project
2.10. Build
2.10.1 Get the build list of project
2.10.2 Get the build list of execution
2.10.3 Create a build
2.10.4 Get build details
2.10.5 Modify a build
2.10.6 Delete a build
2.11. Execution
2.11.1 Get the execution list of project
2.11.2 Create execution
2.11.3 Check the details of execution
2.11.4 Modify execution
2.11.5 Delete execution
2.12. Task
2.12.1 Get the task list of execution
2.12.2 Create task
2.12.3 Get task details
2.12.4 Modify task
2.12.5 Delete task
2.12.6 Start task
2.12.7 Suspend task
2.12.8 Continue task
2.12.9 Finish task
2.13. Bug
2.13.1 Get the bug list of product
2.13.2 Create bug
2.13.3 Get bug details
2.13.4 Modify bug
2.13.5 Delete bug
2.14. Use case
2.14.1 Get use case list of product
2.14.2 Create use case
2.14.3 Get use case details
2.14.4 Modify test case
2.14.5 Delete test case
2.14.6 Run test case
2.15. Test request
2.15.1 Get test request list
2.15.2 Get the test request of project
2.15.3 Get the details of test reuqest
2.16. Feedback
2.16.1 Create feedback
2.16.2 Assign feedback
2.16.3 Close feedback
2.16.4 Delete feedback
2.16.5 Modify feedback
2.16.6 Get feedback details
2.16.7 Get feedback list
2.17. Ticket
2.17.1 Get the ticket list
2.17.2 Get the ticket details
2.17.3 Modify a ticket
2.17.4 Create a ticket
2.17.5 Delete a ticket
3. Customized development
3.1 Secondary development mechanism
3.2 The directory structure of ZenTao
3.3 Find your target file to be modified
3.4 The database structure of ZenTao
3.5 Public module - common
3.6 How to register on menu
3.7 How to register on permission
3.8 Example: how to modify the prompt
3.9 Example: priority field setting when creating bugs
3.10 The online extension editor
3.11 Secondary development editor and translation function restrictions instructions
3.12 ZenTao project management software packaging specification (V1.1)

Modify feedback

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Last edited by Hongyan on 2023-06-16 14:20:09
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PUT /feedbacks/:id

Modify feedback

Request header

Name Type Required or Optional Description
Token String Required Authentication credentials Token

 Request body

Name Type Required or Optional Description
product int Optional Affiliated product.
module int Optional Affiliated class.
title string Optional Title.
type string Optional Type (story | task | bug | todo | advice). There are something more in the new profram mode (issue | risk opportunity).
desc string Optional Description.
public int Optional Public.
notify int Optional Notification.
notifyEmail string Optional Notification email.
feedbackBy string Optional The person who provides the feedback.

 Request example

    "title": "test",
    "desc": "edit test"

Request response

Name Type Required or Optional Description
id int Required Feedback id.
product int Required Affiliated product.
module int Required Affiliated class.
title int Required Title.
type string Required Type (story | task | bug | todo | advice). There are something more in the new program mode (issue | risk | opportunity).
solution string Required Result (unclosed | all | public | tostory | totask | tobug | totodo | review | assigntome).
desc string Required Description.
status string Required Status (wait | commenting | replied closed).
subStatus string Required Sub-status.
public int Required Public.
notify int Required Notification.
notifyEmail string Required Notification email.
likes string Required People who likes.
result int Required Conversion result.
faq int Required FAQ.
openedBy user Required Creator.
openedDate date Required The date of create.
reviewedBy string Required Reviewed by.
reviewedDate date Required The date of review.
processedBy string Required Processed by.
ProcessedDate date Required The date of process.
closedBy string Required Closed by.
closedDate date Required The date of close.
closedReason string Required The reason of close.
editedBy user Required The last eidt person.
editedDate date Required The date of last modify.
assignedTo string Required Assign to someone.
assignedDate date Required The time of assign.
feedbackBy string Required The person who provide the feedback.
mailto array Required Copy the mail to someone.
deleted int Required Deleted.
likesCount int Required The totle number of likes.

 Response example

    "id": 2,
    "product": 2,
    "module": 0,
    "title": "test",
    "type": "",
    "solution": "",
    "desc": "edit test",
    "status": "wait",
    "subStatus": "",
    "public": "0",
    "notify": "1",
    "notifyEmail": "",
    "likes": "",
    "result": 0,
    "faq": 0,
    "openedBy": {
        "id": 1,
        "account": "admin",
        "avatar": "",
        "realname": "admin"
    "openedDate": "2022-06-10T00:56:02Z",
    "reviewedBy": null,
    "reviewedDate": null,
    "processedBy": null,
    "processedDate": null,
    "closedBy": null,
    "closedDate": null,
    "closedReason": "",
    "editedBy": {
        "id": 1,
        "account": "admin",
        "avatar": "",
        "realname": "admin"
    "editedDate": "2022-06-28T02:48:38Z",
    "assignedTo": "admin",
    "assignedDate": "2022-06-10 15:56:14",
    "feedbackBy": "",
    "mailto": [],
    "deleted": false,
    "likesCount": 0,
    "files": []
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