ZenTao Pro 7.1 is released!

2018-07-30 10:40:00

ZenTao Pro 7.1.stable has been released! This release is mainly to fix bugs in ZenTao Pro 7.0 and to synchronize with ZenTao Pro 10.1. Click to view ZenTao 10.1 Change Log.

About ZenTao Pro

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Installation and Upgrade

Change Log

Story List
5158 Email notification for logs when entering logs in ZenTao
4462 Mobile App. Add child and multiple user tasks.
4458 A sprint reports on child and multiple user tasks.

Bug List

681 Add Priority to new tasks, and its color cannot be told in Gantt Charts.
737 No search function in the dropdown at the upper right of Code view.
797 Log out on Feedback using an internal account and that will be recorded in feedback.
882 Story/bug/case exported with multiple branches can not be imported to non-multi-branch.
916 It misjudges whether it is on mobile or desktop browser.
1088 Error of product names in exporting stories, Word.
1125 No response clicking Add File using apk on miui9.

1131 If a project-linked story changes, it is not updated in Gantt charts.

1134 File exported in xlsx cant be open.

1140 Prompt displays to import cases in .cvs in ZenTao Pro.
1144 Choose story for an exporting template, then modules and stories can't be exported.

1149 Report->Custom. If too many columns, it is displayed abnormally.

1154 Notification emails in ent right after successfully upgrading.

1156 Report->Company->Task Summary. Exported data error.

1157 Company->Log->All. Search by users and return nothing.

1168 Admin->Custom->Story->Review. Turn it OFF. When exporting stories in Excel, stories are in Draft.
1173 Error when diff files.
1174 Errors when comparing files side by side.
1175 Project->Bug->Resolution summary. Everything is black except description.
1180 Inaccurate number of licensed user check.
1181 Install Pro using one-click package. Click Enterprise and error.
1188 Company->Log. Change Defect to Bug.
1190 Project-Task. Managed task logs, but man-hour is not updated on task detail page.

1200 Gantt chart is moved to the left.

1225 h5. Assign tasks but no refreshing.

1236 LDAP integration error. Functions on the interface can be called.
1237 h5 page. Case library can't be switched.
1239 Limited Users can't assign tasks to themselves.
1257 Integrate svn. Check the diff history, and it is incomplete.
1272 Test report exported is not the same as shown in ZenTao.
1275 My Dashboard->Project Overview. Data is not same as in Report.
1276 Company name displayed is not the same in the Pro and Enterprise license.

1281 API invoke error.

1301 The style of the template used in exporting cases is too long.

1302 The style of the template used in exporting cases is inconsistent.

1303 No Link to Story in the template used to export cases.

1304 QA report exported can't be open.

1305 Company->Log. Click Search and it is a blank page.
1306 Add Log. Choose no task. Product is not shown in Company->Log->All.
1320 Add Liner in company->log.
1325 Export stories in Word. The actual fields are not the same as that set in ZenTao.
1337 Multi-use tasks. Man-hour is not recorded, and click Save. Then a notice will say the total man-hour cost can't be empty.
1341 Report data error and no multi-user task data is included.
1346 Full-text retrieval is conflicted with project access control.
1367 Import child tasks error.
1384 Change bug to Bug.
1385 Check fix headers in all versions.
1386 Import cases in Excel. Optimize column of steps and expectations.
1388 Error in diff codes.
1390 Click All Versions and error warning.
1392 Optimize navigation on Project Homepage on mobile app.
1399 Report->Company->Bug Summary. When there are too many bugs, the report is not working.
1402 Page of export stories has to be optimized.
1403 Export stories in .xlsx and it shows that the file is incomplete.
1404 Export stories in .xlsx and import it. A prompt shows that the file can't be parsed.
1406 Export logs. Choose records, and export nothing.
1408 Export logs in .xlsx . The file is garbled code.
1409 Export stories in Word and set a template. The field of File is invalid.
1410 Import bugs. The page has to be optimized.
1411 QA report. Add Export features to Case Report.
1414 Todo. The address of a new page does not filter onlybody=yes.
1415 Click More of a todo but no response.
1416 Custom report. Use nested queries but an error shows.
1417 User List page. Click user names, and the displayed is not wrong.
1421 Report view. The report is duplicated.
1431 Code error in project reports.
1433 On the page to activate tasks, the whole page is a white line.
1434 Check by groups in Gantt. The page has to be optimized.
1436 Code error in project lists.
1437 Custom report. Search and the style is wrong.
1440 Only export child tasks and it failed.


One-Click Package with Integrated Runtime

    • Windows 64 bit one-click installation


    • Windows 32 bit one-click installation

    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)


    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation


    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation


5.3-5.6 http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/pro7.1/ZenTaoPMS.pro7.1.stable.int.php5.3_5.6.zip/download

70 http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/pro7.1/ZenTaoPMS.pro7.1.stable.int.php70.zip/download

71 http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/pro7.1/ZenTaoPMS.pro7.1.stable.int.php71.zip/download


image: My Dashboard

If you have any questions or would like to get a free trial for than three users, contact Renee@cnezsoft..com for help.

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