ZenTao 10.1.stable is released! Optimized new UI and fixed bugs.

2018-07-20 17:06:00

ZenTao 10.1.stable is released! This release is to fix bugs and optimize the new UI.

Change Log


3068 Link to Story. After choosing a story, the page did not refresh.
3067 Adjust Create Story and Link Story buttons on Project->Story.

3066 Click to enter Project->Task List.

3065 Optimize the position and style of scrolls on the homepage of each view.

3064 Adjust the space of the editor and p tag.

3058 Check whether zt_webhookdatas is necessary. If not, remove it.

3037 Multiple user tasks should be linear.

3036 Adjust Action buttons of Todo lists.

3035 Adjust the query logic of Todo in AssignToMe.

3034 Delete a parent task and its child tasks will be deleted too.

3033 The Start and End date of a parent should change when that of its child task changes.

3031 If a cutom required field is default, it should not in a dropdown or be edited.

3027 Change the rules of listing plans on Create Story page.

3025 Check the tables and index of the database.

3015 Export settings. Choose a saved template, but its name is not displayed.

3012 Create Task. If it is a multiple use task, only 6 users can be selected when setting up a team.

2935 Check the privileges of doclib and doc separately.

2910 Change the Done status of Project tot Closed.

2857 Module that a story/bug belongs to can be removed from required field in Admin.

2835 Export all results of cases executed as long as there is any data.

2820 Add links to the parent task in the title on Child Task page.

2818 Change Finish to Finish Date in custom field on Task List page.


1443 json returned by webhook is subjected to json code in the comment.

1487 Error prompts on different interfaces are inconsistent.

1491 Click the head of a task list table to order, but it isn't apply to child tasks.

1492 Link to Plan on the Create Project page. Click it and stories of a plan won't be linked to a project.

1494 Problem in special character processing via webhook.

1496 Staff Workload Sheet is misplaced.

1512 Create Product page. When clicking Manage Product Line, refresh it and it shows Manage Module.

1519 Abnormal ordering all projects.

1522 Image as files attached can't be downloaded.

1526 Update ZenTao to version 9.8.x, then it becomes slow with an increased CPU occupancy.

1527 Read/Write privileges of session is wrong when using open source package to check.

1533 Links sent by a integrated system are invalid.

1534 Project->Overview. Link to Plan can't be changed.

1541 Project->Build. Phases of linked story is not consistent.

1544 Repeat Todo. CreatedBy only display one user of all.

1547 Batch Add User. Position is shown as required but actually not.

1548 Test Sheet module error.

1549 Black screen appears in Add Story page.

1551 Official Website link error in international version.

1552 Deleted stories in search box when linking to a story.

1553 Adjust the logic of Left Man-hour when assigning a task.

1555 > is filtered when using markdown to create a doc

1556 Drag and Drop of Kanban doesn't work.

1557 Problem in linking suite to case.

1558 When finishing a multiple user task,  a man-hour will be added in the system.

1559 QA Report. Click the title of test case, the latest build of cases should display, not that of the cases executed in test sheet.

1560 The styles of case steps and expectation are not user friendly.

1561 No email verification when create a user.

1581 zbox can't be rebooted.

1714 My Favorite->Project main lib. Project is not displayed.

1778 10.1.alpha. Use rpm package to install and error.

1790  No prompts for editing files.

1873 Break down tasks for a story, but the number of tasks is not updated

1874 Batch Edit Story is not working.

1884 Man-hour in task list is not user friendly displayed.
1889 The number of bugs linked to plan is not right.

1890 No prompt for adding child task as required field.

1891 Decompose tasks in to child tasks. Tasks with no title can be saved.

1892 Repeat Todo. Todo that is does not fit the requirements will be created.

1894 Product->Overview. The latest data of Dynamics is recorded in history.

1897 Project->Team. Limited user can create tasks.

1907 Fixs vulnerability. 1909 Project status on My Dashboard is not the same as the project page.

1910 module/project/control.php code error.

1915 Doc->Project:In Chrome, click Project, then the navbar at the right of the doc is gone.

1916 View switch button is displayed in search results but nowhere else.

1922 Upload read-only files, ajaxForm can't be submitted.

1923 Titles in a story list are not the same as the ones on separate story page.

1925 Invalid return button on Manage ProductLine page.

1927 Error calculation of child task man-hour by group.

1929 View story feature is abnormal.

1930 QA->bug. Search by Mailto and no data found.

1936 Change the whitelist in config/config.php and repeated suffix names appear after uploading.

1938 QA->bug.  Edit a bug and choose a linked project. Fixed build can only be builds in this project..

1940 Export test cases as .csv, but no content is exported.

1941 Repeat Todo.  CreateBy of newly added and that of Repeat Todo are inconsistent

1943 Change button on Story page is invalid.

1947 Integrated with Zdoo and redirected to Zdoo. Convert failed case to bug, case steps will not be added to bug.

1956 Optimize code in Create Product method.

1957 Import test cases as .csv. Expectation and steps, if end with quotation marks, can not be imported.

1958 The number of tasks on Project Homepage is not right.

1964 Link Story for projects by plans. Link draft story too.

1967 For no review required user, change draft stories, and the status is draft after editing.

1968 My Dashboard->Overview. Inaccurate statistics of delayed tasks.

1972 No prevention for repeated clicks on Save button.

1973 Optimize the display of doc page for long titles.

1974 Optimize custom navbar.

1976 Incomplete Zdoo logo on upgraded page.

1977 No prompt fr required field of todo name when adding a todo.

1979 Company->Users. The job position is displayed in two lines.

1982 Descriptions of Plan List needs line feed.

1983 Check requestType is invalid when creating config file for upgrading ZenTao.

1985 When the title of a task is too long, it wll cover other information.

1986 Email notification. Link in the email is wrong.

1997 Mailto is not displayed on the task page.

1998 Delayed tasks are not marked as red.

1999 Project overview. Progress of projects are inaccurate

2001 When reviewing stories, add asterisk to review result as required field mark.

2002 Deleted tasks are still in My Dashboard->Overview.

2009 Batch Create Story. No more than two images can be uploaded.

2015 AssignTo is blank after creating a cultiple user task.

2031 Error in upgrading from 9.8.1 to 10.1.

2032 Display child module in reverse order.

2036 Optimize the display of message setting.

2038 Add Story page required modules is not set as in Admin.

2041 Bug report is abnormal.

2042 After linking stories to tasks, there is only Confirm button in actions.

2044 DevOps. Hide Story by Group in Group view. 2048 Delete semicolon in upgrade.

Installation and Upgrade Manual


Source Code Package


One-Click Package with Integrated Runtime( These are ONLY for first-time installation. Do Not download it to upgrade ZenTao. )

    • Windows 64 bit one-click installation


    • Windows 32 bit one-click installation

    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)


    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.


    • Linux 32 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.


    • DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian


    • RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos


If you have any questions, give us a post at forum. If you would like to get a free trial for more users, contact Renee@cnezsoft. com for help.

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