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2022-08-03 10:19:00
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Summary : Project management is a vital part of any development. It guarantees the right balance between time and resources, organizes and structures the process, and ensures better results. When it comes to web design, it is basically the ability to plan work and complete the project before the deadline.

Project management is a vital part of any development. It guarantees the right balance between time and resources, organizes and structures the process, and ensures better results. When it comes to web design, it is basically the ability to plan work and complete the project before the deadline.

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A good project manager considers various factors in his work, for example:

● The type of project;

● The team;

● Resources and time at hand;

● Possibilities of unexpected obstacles, etc.

It means that you have to keep in mind plenty of information and combine flexibility and control. This article will analyze the most significant factors and checklist for web design project management operations.

Ensure the Quality

This requirement may seem obvious, but let's look deeper. Great if you have skills in managing software and templates for project management web design. But what if it's not the case? Many managers think the best way to do something is to do it themselves. It's a dangerous illusion. The ability to outsource some tasks and correctly evaluate your abilities is necessary.

Good manager delegates the work efficiently and knows how to divide duties among their team. In order to achieve the best results, you should know your team and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Sometimes the best solution is to hire professionals for some part of the project.

For example, finding a reliable company for post-production photo processing is better if you need many quality photos for the project. This way, you'll save a lot of time on editing and retouching the pictures and receive the images available for publishing much sooner. To see an example of such a service, follow this link.

Use All Available Tools and Solutions

The vital part of each process is planning. You need to analyze the characteristics of the future web resource and develop a strategy. You need to keep in mind thousands of things, and it's a challenging task. Another important process is communication with your team. It should be fast and effective.

But at the same time, a product manager is just a human. Obviously, it's not possible to complete a serious project without special tools and solutions helping organize the team's work. One of the best services for facilitating product management is ZenTao. It's a great tool for team interaction, planning, evaluation of completion, and other necessary things. Moreover, there is a free option with decent functionality. Check the exact prices and the detailed description of the pricing plans.

This service is also a good source of knowledge. The blog section contains multiple informative articles for product managers and other specialists. For example, you can find useful information on the digital marketing trends for product managers in this post.

Control All Parts of the Process

When it comes to controlling the finished stage, you have to check the results yourself. We talked about the delegation of duties, but the control is a function of the product manager. Ensure that texts, pictures, and the program part are completed properly.

All the components are significant. If you think some part doesn't deserve your attention, read about the importance of professional photo editing or any article on content management.

The details, of course, depend on your client's requirements and goals. Your job is to ensure the compatibility of all parts of the project and their impeccable accomplishment.

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Follow the Stages

Each process has its structure. Project management is not an exception. You can adopt different strategies and methods, but the core remains the same. Let's revise the main stages.

1. Planning

The work of a product manager starts before the actual work. You need to analyze the task, determine the customer's goals and plans and make some conclusions. Regarding the web design, you need to understand the purpose of the future resource, target visitors, and the development volume.

You should foresee all possible troubles and find out the client's inquiries at this stage. It will help to prevent misunderstandings and misconceptions. It's time to ensure that you and the client are on the same page. After that, you can plan project management for website development.

2. Building

Usually, the projects in the field of web design include the design itself, the content, and the site's functionality. A good organization allows a smooth process without any delays. To achieve such an organization, you need to understand what is the first priority and what tasks can be accomplished simultaneously.

Set terms for each stage and control the work regularly. It allows for finding the issues in the early stages and fixing them efficiently. You will also be able to help your team or make necessary adjustments. Correct prioritizing is the key, as well as consequential completion of the tasks.

3. Optimization

This stage begins when your team finishes all the initial work, and you will see the entire project. It's time to test the functionality and make the corrections. In this step, you literally bring the resource to the customer's standards and requirements.

This stage allows finding and fixing minor errors and cleaning the project from bugs. Of course, some optimization takes place during the building stage, but checking the site as a whole is also important. You can include several optimization stages in the schedule according to the completion of certain tasks.

4. Finalization and Launching

After the project is optimized, you can start final testing, fixing the issues, and training your client's personnel. When all this works, the most exciting part of development begins, and you can launch your project.

Your work doesn't finish at this point. You have to monitor the project and thoroughly analyze the result. Now you can see the mistakes, the reasons for failures, and other valuable lessons allowing you to improve the quality of your work in the future.


Product management is a responsible task, and it's not easy. But if you keep learning, try and adopt new strategies and build efficient communication in your team, the results will be amazing. Process and strategy of project management in web development function as a glue for different people's work.

All team members are important, but only a product manager sees the entire picture and can control and coordinate other people's actions. It means that you have to take this job seriously and try to perfect your skills.

Need more help? Check out the Zentao blog. They have more articles on project management tools, software management, building cross-functional teams, and so much more.


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