Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise

2018-03-02 08:55:23
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You can upgrade ZenTao Pro to ZenTao Enterprise. Look at the example below. It is to upgrade ZenTao Pro via one-click installation package for Window to ZenTao Enterprise.

Note: One-click installation package for Windows is in xampp/zentaopro/ and that for Linux /opt/zbox/zentaopro/.

1. Before the upgrade

1.1 Make sure that ZenTao open source is accessible.

1.2 Back up data for ZenTao open source and refer to the manual HERE.

1.3 Download ZenTao Enterprise installation package that fits your PHP version.

1.4 Back up the license file of ZenTao Enterprise which is the bizext.txt and callback.php in zentaopro/config/license). After you override the directory of zentaopro, copy bizext.txt and callback.php to the new directory of zentaopro/config/license.

2. Download ZenTao Enterprise installation package

2.1 Choose the installation package that fits your PHP version.

2.2 Go to https://www.zentao.pm/download.html to download ZenTao Enterprise.

2.3 Unzip the downloaded file and you will get a file named zentaopms. Delete .htzaccess and .ztaccess in zentaopms/www.

3. Override the directory

3.1 Copy all files in zentaopms/ to override the xampp/zentaopro/ installed in one-click installation pacakge for Windows. That is to press ctrl+a and then press ctrl+c, and go to xampp/zentaopro/ and press ctrl+v.

3.2 Unzip the license file of ZenTao Enterprise and copy its last four files to zentaopro/config/license/ (two files will be overridden).

4. Start upgrading

4.1 Visit ZenTao in a browser, and start upgrading. For example, the address to visit ZenTao is, so enter in the browser, so the upgrade will be started.

4.2 Follow the instruction and create ok.txt. If there is ok.txt, delete it. Then create a new one.

4.3 Create ok.txt, and click Continue Upgrading.


Keep the ZenTao logo and abide by ZPL (Z Public License).


It is VERY IMPORTANT to back up your data before upgrading.


Choose the version of ZenTao Pro.


Execute the SQL for upgrading.


If you see the page below, your upgrading is finished. Click Visit ZenTao to start your ZenTao Enterprise. The address to visit ZenTao Enterprise is the same.



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