Source Code Installation (for General)

2018-02-23 10:51:44
Last edited by Renee on 2018-10-19 10:35:20

Source code installation of ZenTao Enterprise is in general. First, you should deploy the environment for it.

1. Deploy PHP, MySQL.

There are many installation guides for PHP and MySQL, but you should pay attention to the followings.
1.1 ZenTao requires modules likepdo, pdo_mysql, json, filter, openssl, mbstring, zlib, curl, gd, iconv, so please make sure that PHP environment can load these modules.
1.2The combination of Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL is recommended, followed by Nginx, but IIS+PHP is not recommended.

1.3 In Linux,  it is NOT recommended to compile and install PHP by yourself. You'd better install the PHP by built-in Package Manager.

2. Download the source code

2.1 Download the latest source code (.zip file) from the ZenTao official website.

2.2 Unzip it and get 'zentaopms' directory. Copy the directory to the corresponding directory of webserver(check the config file of your webserver and decide which directory to copy to), such as to the 'www' or 'htdocs' of Apache.

2.3 Visit http://ip:PORT/zentaopms/www/index.php in your browser and it will automatically start the installation.

3. Installation

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