Built-in Workflow

2022-04-25 15:39:33
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Built-in Workflow

ZenTao can be highly customized with the workflow module.

1. Built-in Workflow

As for now, Workflow has 15 built-in processes based on the usage process of ZenTao, the functional modules, and the customization needs, including product view, product plan, release, requirement/story, program, project, execution, build, task, bug, case, test request, suite, case library, and feedback.

The built-in process does not support tagging, sub-processing, and detail table functions at this time. Built-in processes cannot be deleted.

The built-in process can be viewed by searching tabs including All, Product, Project, QA, and Feedback.

2. Datasource

Datasource records the database corresponding to the process. Datasource can be used for fields (generate data in the drop-down list), at the same time, it can be used for calling system functions, custom SQL, option lists, and system languages.

3. Validation Rules for the Process

Validation rules can be used for verifying fields, forms, etc. Regular Expression is required.

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