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2022-04-20 10:03:35
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Document Management

There are features such as the online preview of the attachment and Diff in ZenTao Biz.

We have integrated Collabora Office since ZenTao Biz 2.0. Users are able to preview and edit the Doc online with Collabora Office configured.

1. The Online Preview Feature of LibreOffice

It requires LibreOffice to be installed on the host where ZenTao is located to experience the online preview feature.

Note: DO NOT install LibreOffice in a directory with spaces and Chinese characters.

Click here to download LibreOffice.

After installing LibreOffice, enable the function by ticking the box "On" in "More"-"Admin"-"System"-"Office" and then fill in the converter path for LibreOffice.

The path filled in above is about the Windows system. As for the Linux system, fill in the path like this: /usr/bin/libreoffice6.4 (according to the specific version).

Now you can preview the document online. The documents attached to the requirements/stories, tasks, bugs, and cases can be viewed by directly clicking on them.

2. The Online Preview and Edit Feature of Collabora Office

2.1 Install Collabora Office

Firstly, you need to install Collabora Office, and then go to "More"-"Admin"-"System"-"Office" to fill in the path of Collabora Office.

Installation: CODE-Install and Test - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

2.2 Configuration of Collabora Office

2.2.1 To use Collabora Office, the access method of ZenTao must be PATH_INFO.

  • Rewrite the pseudo-static and URL of the installation and running environment of ZenTao Biz
  • Go to the program files of ZenTao Biz and find "config"-"my.php", change [$config->requestType= 'GET'] to [$config->requestType= 'PATH_INFO'].
  • After the modification is complete, restart ZenTao Biz.
  • Collabora Office is hidden by default in "More"-"Admin"-"System"-"Office", it will be shown when the access method changed to PATH_INFO.

2.2.2 The path of Collabora Office only can be URL.

  • Collabora Office and ZenTao Biz can be installed on the same server or on different servers.
  • The path of Collabora Office is https://IP:9980. The default port for Collabora Office is 9980. (except reverse proxy)
  • The internet between the server of ZenTao and the server of Collabora Office must be interoperable.

2.2.3 Collabora Office currently supports online editing in .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx formats.

  •  The document is updated after editing and saving. The online preview is supported for other formats.

2.3 The Online Edit Feature of Collabora Office

Let's take the Word Doc as an example to introduce the edit feature of Collabora Office.

Click the .docx file in the attachment and you can preview it online by Collabora Office.

Click Edit in the top right corner to edit the current page.

Check "Edit"--"Track Changes"--"ChangeLog" to record the editing changes of the current ZenTao user.

The modification records of different users will be marked on the right side.

Modifications to this record can be accepted and rejected. When the modification record is rejected or accepted, the marker on the right disappears.

After saving and exiting, the changes will be automatically recorded and saved on the original document.

3. Diff

Multiple edited documents can be distinguished from each other and easy to be found the changes by the Diff feature.

Note: The content displayed in red or with a red border is deleted part, while the content displayed in green or with a green border is the new part.

4. Create Doc in Word, PPT, Excel Formats

New features to create Word, PPT, and Excel documents are available since ZenTao Biz 3.2.

Go to "Doc"-"Product"/"Project"/"Execution"/"Custom", and then click "Create",

5. Wiki

The feature Wiki is available since ZenTao Biz 2.3. Go to "Doc"-"Wiki" to create a Wiki book.

Or go to "Doc"--"Product"/"Project"/"Execution"/"Custom"--"Create"--"Document Library", and then select "Book".

  • Edit Book: Edit basic contents such as manual name and permission control.
  • Manage Book: Set the manual chapter categories, and the order can be freely adjusted.

Click "Manage Book"-"Chapter" to add chapters or articles, and the order can be freely dragged up and down for the adjustment.

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