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2022-01-17 23:03:40
Emily Henry
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Summary : As a DevOps engineer, you have some very specific skills that will be useful to many employers. If you're looking for a new job, you need a perfect DevOps engineer resume, so you can get the recruiter's attention. Here's how to write the best resume and get that call back.

Pick Out The Right Format

There are three main formats that you can use when it comes to putting together your resume. You'll need to pick which one you need to use before you start writing. 

Chronological: This style details your work history in chronological order, with your most recent work first. This is a style that's familiar to recruiters, and will emphasize your most recent work experience. 

Functional: This focuses on your skills and abilities in the workplace. This will minimize your work experience, though. 

Hybrid: This will put equal emphasis on skills and experience, and gives you a lot of opportunities to put in resume keywords. However, it can't hide resume gaps. This is the best current option for most job hunters. 

Use Resume Keywords

What are resume keywords? These are words in the job posting, that will describe the kind of person that the recruiters are looking for the role in question. When writing your resume, make sure that you're using those keywords to show why you're the right person to call back. 

This is important, as many recruiters will use software to scan resumes. 'The software will check for those keywords, and automatically discard any resumes that don't match,' says career blogger Gina Carmichael from Assignment Help and OXEssays. 'If you don't ensure that you are including the keywords, then no matter how good you are, your resume will be disregarded.' 

Ensure You're Proofreading Your Work

Another essential aspect of resume writing is proofreading. If your recruiter sees any issues in your spelling and grammar when they're reading the resume, again, it will be discarded. You don't want to lose out on a job just for this, so you need to ensure that you're proofreading your writing. 

Not everyone is confident in their proofreading skills, though. That's not a problem, as you can hire a professional to handle it for you. It's an extra expense, but something that you may want to look into. There are lots of services that can handle this for you, including:

Whetheryou proofread yourself or you're hiring an expert, either way you need to makesure that you're checking your writing over.

Add In A Resume Objective

No matter what kind of job you're going for, you'll want to add in a resume objective. 'As a DevOps engineer, you need to set yourself apart from others applying for the same job' says writer Daniel Saunders, from Revieweal and Research Papers. 'The objective will show the recruiter what makes you different.' 

How do you write an objective? Take a look at what skills you have, and what you're able to offer the company. It's important to remember that the recruiter are looking for what you can do for them, so show them just that. 

For example, your objective could read thus:

Experienced DevOps engineer who has been in the field for over five years. Has helped improve productivity at current role, and looking to bring those skills to a new business. 

This objective is just a couple of sentences long, and shows concrete proof of what the writer has been doing in the field. 

Detail Your Work Experience

As you're a DevOps engineer, you do need to show what experience you have in the field. Do this by listing your jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your current or most recent work history. Each role should list the company, job location, job title, and start and end dates. 

With these tips, you'll be able to put together a great DevOps engineer resume that will really show you off in the best possible light. Use a resume objective, list your experience, and make sure that you proofread what you have to ensure that it's perfect. 

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