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Considering that a lot of companies have to check the effort of their employees, Effort is developed in ZenTao Pro.

1. Add an Effort

Go to Dashboard->Effort. Click on certain date that you would like to create an Effort on.

Click Create effort at the upper right of the page and you can also batch create Efforts.

  • When you add an Effort, ZenTao will automatically record your actions and create a history for you, which will save a lot of time for you.
  • For actions that ZenTao does not record, please create one for yourself.

2. View Effort

After adding the Effort, you can browse it through a variety of labels.

2.1 View your personal Efforts

Go to Dashboard->Effort and you will see all your Efforts. You can Export your Efforts as Excel files.

2.2 View your project logs

You can see your logs on Calendar. Or click Today/Yesterday in the red box to view the list.

2.3 View Company logs

3. Export Logs

Logs can be exported.

If you use ZenTao Pro, you can export logs/Efforts as Excel files.

If you use ZenTao open source and use Effort extension, you can export it as CSV files.

If you use ZenTao open source and use Effort and Excel Import/Export extensions, you can export Excel files.

This feature can be purchased separately as extension and installed in the open source version to use. Contact us to buy this extension at renee@cnezsoft.com

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