1. QuickStart
1.1. QuickStart of ZenTao 12 series
1.1.1 Document management
1.1.2 How to check whether a user has product and project access permission
1.1.3 Annual summany
1.2. ZenTao 12 series Starter
1.2.1 Manage personal issues in ZenTao
1.3. ZenTao 12 series Advanced
1.3.1. Process overview ZenTao project management flow chart
1.3.2. Personal issues management Manage personal issues in ToDo Focus on the tasks, stories, and bugs assigned to me Check or change my information in my profile
1.3.3. Product Manager management Manage product Manage product line Create and review stories Change story and review story Story status and development stages Notes of the Story Manage product module Create plans Create releases Roadmaps Document management Product planning meeting Participate in project management, demostrations, and summaries Basic statistical reports of stories
1.3.4. Project Manager management Create a project Set up the project team Determaine the story list in a project Task Breakdown Daily standup meetings Track the progress of projects via Burndown chart Track the progress of projects via various lists The review meeting and retrospective meeting Basic statistical reports for project tasks
1.3.5. Development Team management Participate in project planning meeting and decompose tasks Create build
1.4. QuickStart of ZenTao Biz 12 series
1.4.1 Gantt Chart

Participate in project management, demostrations, and summaries

2022-12-14 16:49:49
Last edited by Yujia Li on 2023-01-04 15:15:55
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Summary : After the project begins, the product managers should actively communicate with the R&D team to correct any deviations in understanding, and participate in the demo sessions and retrospective meetings.

One of the mistakes that many product managers make is that they disappears after the project starts. For example, the product manager just explained the requirements to team members in the planning meeting, and then disappeared after the project started. In fact, this can cause a lot of problems, such as:

  1. It is impossible to ensure that all team members understand the tasks correctly only by mere textual descriptions and planning meetings. So the product manager should track the progress of the project and solve problems in time.
  2. If the product manager wasn't involved in the project process, it is easy to create a confrontation between the product manager and the development team, which is bad for the project delivery.

Therefore, the product managers should keep track of the project progress after the project starts: participate in daily stand-up meeting, understand the task progress through the project view in ZenTao, view the defects through bugs, check and confirm the requirements in time, etc.

After the development completed, the product managers should confirm the requirements in this sprint to ensure that it is what they want. They should also actively participate in the demo sessions (sprint review meeting) held by the team, listen to everyone's comments and feedback, and and record them in ZenTao.

Product managers should also actively participate in retrospective meetings to summarize experience and lessons learned in this project.

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