1. QuickStart
1.1. QuickStart of ZenTao 12 series
1.1.1 Document management
1.1.2 How to check whether a user has product and project access permission
1.1.3 Annual summany
1.2. ZenTao 12 series Starter
1.2.1 Manage personal issues in ZenTao
1.3. ZenTao 12 series Advanced
1.3.1. Process overview ZenTao project management flow chart
1.3.2. Personal issues management Manage personal issues in ToDo Focus on the tasks, stories, and bugs assigned to me Check or change my information in my profile
1.3.3. Product Manager management Manage product Manage product line Create and review stories Change story and review story Story status and development stages Notes of the Story Manage product module Create plans Create releases Roadmaps Document management Product planning meeting Participate in project management, demostrations, and summaries Basic statistical reports of stories
1.3.4. Project Manager management Create a project Set up the project team Determaine the story list in a project Task Breakdown Daily standup meetings Track the progress of projects via Burndown chart Track the progress of projects via various lists The review meeting and retrospective meeting Basic statistical reports for project tasks
1.3.5. Development Team management Participate in project planning meeting and decompose tasks Create build
1.4. QuickStart of ZenTao Biz 12 series
1.4.1 Gantt Chart

Document management

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Summary : ZenTao has a built-in document management and asset library, which effectively solves various problems such as loss of documents, scattered documents, difficulty in sharing project document information, and inability to accumulate business experience in the project management process.

ZenTao has the basic document management which functions as a complementary to cover processes that are not provided in ZenTao. 

There are three types of the document library in ZenTao, product document library, project document library, and custom document library. 

Product document library can be used to save documents that are generated at the product level; project document library to save documents at the project level, and a custom document library to save documents, such as knowledge base and corporate governance norms.

Instructions for document management functionality: 5.1.10 Document Management.


1. Manage Category

1.1 Select Doc in the top bar.

1.2 Select Product in the leftside bar.

1.3 Click on the gear button and select Manage Category in the drop-down menu.


2. Add documents

In the product DocLib, select Add Doc on the right side of the page to add a document.

  • There are two types of documents: Text and URL.
  • URL type supports upload attachment.
  • URL type could be a web link.
  • Text type can be written directly using the editor.
  • Access control can be set when adding a doc.


3. View documents

After adding a document, you can view the document lists in the library. Users can browse documents in the DocLib in two ways: the default list display and the card display.

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