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2022-01-28 13:21:43
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ZenTao Biz has all the features of ZenTao open source, and added DevOps management, Office Automation, Feedback Management and file version management, etc on top of that. It is capable of supporting management and processes within enterprises.

ZenTao Pro vs. Biz

Version Features Service
Category Note Category Note
ZenTao Pro features in ZenTao open source
full features for software development management IM, emails, online chat support; lifelong free upgrade
1-on-1 support
enhanced features in ZenTao Pro
mobile app; SMS notification
effort; calendar; Gantt Chart
report and custom reports
code management; LDAP integration
Excel/Word file import/export
ZenTao Biz
features in ZenTao Pro All DevOps, feedback, OA on top of all Pro features and covers routine management within enterprises
enhanced features in ZenTao Biz
DevOps management
feedback managemenr
attendance and OA
Doc management

Note: Non-Developer users cannot use features of Open Source or Pro, and Developer users can use the features in all editions.

Developer users and Non-Developer users

ZenTao Biz has different interfaces for developer users and non-developer users. Developer users can use all features of ZenTao open source+Pro+Biz. They are usually from Dev teams, such as product developers and testers.

Non-Developer users cannot use features of open source+Pro. They can only use the enhanced features in Enterprise, such as feedback, DevOps management, and OA. They usually do not take part in developing software, but they can use ZenTao Biz to work with developer users and to manage routine work. They can be customers service, marketing, sales and DevOps staff.

Category Open Source features
ZenTao Pro features
ZenTao Biz features
Developer User
Non-Developer User
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