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ZenTao client integration

  • ZenTao administrator configures the Desktop server (xxd) configuration in the Admin-Desktop.
  • ZenTao administrator downloads and runs the Desktop server (xxd).
  • ZenTao users download, install and use the Desktop. (Log in to the Desktop with the username and password set in ZenTao)

Note: DIsable Apache Authentication on ZenTao Runner.

1.  Set up the server-side for ZenTao Desktop

Log in ZenTao as the super admin, you will be reminded to do the setup for ZenTao desktop. Go to Admin->Desktop to configure it.

2. Server settings

Click Params to configure the server for ZenTao Desktop.

· ZenTao Desktop is set ON as default.

· Secret key is 32-bit randomly generated and should be the same as the server.

· 20M is the file size by default and can be changed.

· HTTPS is OFF by default. Switch it ON, you have to copy the certificate and key to the box.

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