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Leave management is used to record the leave request, leave review and all leave records of employees.

1. My Leave

Go to OA->Leave and click Create to a request to leave. Choose the type of leave, the begin and end time, and add the reason to ask for a leave.

  • On the page of My Leave, the leave of the current login user is recorded.
  • Cancel, edit or delete can only be done to your own leave request that has not be reviewed.

2. Review

Dept Manager can see all the leave requests within the department on the page of My Review. The manager can click Pass or Reject button to review the applications.

Note: If the reviewer is set as a super admin, that admin can see all the leave records.

A leave reviewer can edit and change the leave requests.

3. All the leave requests

Click OA->Leave->All. You can check all leave records within the company.

4. Set a Reviewer

Go to OA->Leave->Settings, and you can set the reviewer.

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