Update ZenTao Enterprise

2018-03-02 08:55:23
Last edited by John Ten on 2019-07-04 11:21:03

This article is about updating ZenTao Enterprise which is installed via installation packages.

1. Back up your data in ZenTao Enterprise

2. Get the latest .zip file of ZenTao Enterprise. Please contact customer service (Renee@easysoft.ltd) to get the .zip file for updating. Do NOT download a new installation package from websites.

3. Unzip the file and override the older version.

4. Visit upgrade.php, choose the version, and follow the instructions.

To update ZenTao Enterprise is the same to update ZenTao open source, and refer to Update ZenTao open source.


It is very important to back up your data and files before you update ZenTao Enterprise!

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