TQ: The Most Significant Factor To Ensure Your Team Success

2020-05-21 17:08:07
Philip Gao
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Summary : A high-performing team always plays a vital role in the success of an organization. You may have trust in your team members, and you have identified your goals of working together. Still, you cannot achieve success in your project. What is the reason for this failure?


A high-performing team always plays a vital role in the success of an organization. You have trust in your team members, and you have identified your goals of working together. Still, you cannot succeed in your project. Why? When hiring employees, you have looked for smart and skillful candidates with high IQ levels. The best employees also have an excellent EQ level, so they can collaborate. However, you overlook something when you are employing your candidates.

Your team needs higher TQ to ensure success in your business activities. Thus, you need to encourage your team members to increase the TQ level that can determine the capacity to be a high-performing team.

What is TQ?

One of the major targets is to improve the skill set of a team. Sincere efforts of your team will help you make accomplishments. However, most of the organizations think that it is not easy to have the most efficient team. Some researches have proved that few teams have high-functioning members.

Why does it happen? In the past, a team deals with challenges when a business turns out to be dynamic, diverse, and virtual. Team members come and go. When a team has problems, it starts seeking solutions. They do not look for help from the outside. The best team of your company must play a role in making progress. Besides, it has to provide teambuilding instructions to other departments of your company. Thus, the main team of your organization has to work properly to deal with the functioning of departments. 


We have found that a team is capable of building TQ while understanding factors related to the performance. Your team has to work on these factors to make out the gaps.

Let us introduce you to the robust teambuilding framework known as Rocket Model. This framework constitutes many factors to drive success.

Factors helping you tomake the TQ level stronger

Sharing assumptionswith team members

One of the best ways of developing a team is to ensure that your team members have shared a mutual goal. They have to make a joint effort to reach this goal. However, although it is essential to define the mission of a team, it is necessary to identify the shared language related to a subject. More often than not, your team members work from a range of assumptions. This disconnection can cause misalignment of actions. Thus, it can affect the effectiveness and morale of your team. Your team members must have a clear idea about their stakeholders, concerns, and expectations. These stakeholders can include suppliers, customers, competitors, regulatory bodies, and other teams. Moreover, your team has to make out other relevant factors, like political conditions, demographics, and macroeconomics.

Some of the team members of your company are working in a virtual world, while others have a different environment. As members in the virtual world have different locations, they may have diverse perspectives. In this situation, you have to keep them aligned all the time.

Making your missionclear

Your team may have a concept of success, and they know how to maintain effectiveness. Still, they will find it difficult to find answers to some questions.

  • What will we do to win?
  • When should we accomplish our goals?
  • How will we measure our progress? 

By knowing the answer to these issues, you can make your mission clarity stronger. Moreover, you need to raise the TQ level. After setting goals, your team may convert them into implementable schemes. Furthermore, you can make out the way of measuring the outcome.

Proper preparation will let your team make sure that there is a connection of daily activities to productivity and priorities. The best trick for you is to review the progress regularly, and based on it, your team has to make adjustments to increase the chance of success in a project.

It is crucial to have a mission, as you are going to build TQ. However, you will waste time while you are playing with words of your mission statement. You can create subgroups for converting a mission to easily assessable goals. Then, you may share those goals with other members of your team for refinement. 

Make a properalignment of talent

You think that it is very easy for you to include the most talented persons in your team. However, it is one of the most complicated steps for TQ development. 

Most of the organizations focus on availability instead of talent to assign employees to a team. The leader of a team always analyzes the abilities and skills of each of the members. But, they have to pay attention to other things related to talent.

Proper sizing is one of the important things for developing a high-performance corporate team. Too small and too big teams may cause issues to you. However, the number of members needed for your team will change in due course. Every individual in a team has to know about his roles ensure the best performance. As one of the corporate owners, you may reward your employees for teamwork. Moreover, a successful leader must protect the morale and cohesiveness of his team.

Norms for building TQ

Norms are valuable in different fields of our lives. They are some accepted rules created without a discussion. Still, your team must take some time to find the best norms consciously. Norms are tools to achieve unity and the quality performance of a team.

High-functioning teams efficiently use their time to make processes and rules. Some of these rules are formal, while others are informal to manage communications. Those rules also enable your team to make a decision and prevent obstacles.


Let us help you to understand the term buy-in. You may realize it while you have adopted a team-first attitude. The best team is always dedicated to rules, goals, and roles.

Every member needs to be motivated to do daily tasks. When it is a team of lower TQ, you can find the engagement of varying levels. This team is confident about its contributions and ensures success.


Encourage everyone tomanage conflicts

The best corporate team has the potential of solving conflict and preventing the chance of disputes. It has to nurture courage in every member to find effective ways of managing disagreements. You must remember that lots of conflicts can result in chaos in your organization. In most cases, misunderstanding is one of the major reasons for these conflicts. 

While a team has successfully found the real issues in a safe and trusting environment, you can find better morale among members.

Resources essential to  your team

The most important step for a team is to make out the best resources to reach goals. The leader must also deal with stakeholders to help the team in accomplishing the goal.

Office space, software, hardware, tech solution, and equipment are tangible assets. The intangible one includes authority and political backup. Teams with a high TQ know the way of using the resources effectively. Although there may be a shortfall, these teams can find a chance to win. 

High concentration onthe overall outcome

When your team has a good TQ level, you can determine the result of your mission. You may have a track of the progress of your team and learn new things at different steps.


Also, you must align your targets with the outcome of your business. The achievement of the best result depends highly on how your team manages other things of the framework- Rocket Model. However, a mistake at any step can affect the overall outcome.

We have already discussed a lot about how your team has to increase the TQ level. Indeed, TQ is a secret behind the success of a team. However, proper management of a project is highly important for your team. Hence, you can let your team use ZenTao, one of the best software for project management. 

ZenTao – what is it?

For software development and other organizational activities of the team, you may rely on ZenTao. You can make a timely delivery of the product to the client. Besides, ZenTao is equipped with professional tools and features to manage a range of tasks without complications.

The full-featured software, ZenTao, has different modules to manage products, tasks, teams, software bugs, test cases, source codes, and daily activities. It works with Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. 

Moreover, you have options of choosing between on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions. When you prefer confining to your private service, you may select a cloud-based environment. Also, you can deal with administrative scenarios with the combinations of stories, defects, and tasks. 

Furthermore, the professional version of ZenTao is available with additional features, including reports, calendars, forums, work logs, Gantt charts, and Kanban board. Thus, invest in this project management software to benefit your corporate team.

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