Install Redis for PHP 7.2 (Windows)

Redis is completely open source and free. It complies with the BSD and is a high-performance key-value database.
2020/07/08   Ley Boi   91

The Most Popular Test Management Tool 2020

51Testing, a software testing service provider, released the 13th Survey on the Current Situation Software Testing Industry 2019 earlier and ZenTao is again selected the most popular test management tool with 43%, compared with Jira 26%.
2020/06/29   Chris Mirai   1370

What is 3-5-3 Structure in Scrum?

The introduction of 3-5-3 structure in Scrum and corresponding features in ZenTao ALM.
2020/06/29   Mirai Michi   11581

What is copyleft?

Is copyleft what is left in copyright? Read this blog to know whether this is true.
2020/06/28   Mirai Michi   146

All You Need to Know Before Taking a Scrum Master Certification Exam

There are more certification options out there, and you might ask yourself, " Which certification should I work on? " and "Which exam should I take?"
2020/06/19   Mirai Michi   280

Configure Java RTE in CentOS

Two ways to configure Java runtime environment in CentOS.
2020/06/16   Memory   122

Use Supervisor to manage Laravel queue

1. Install Supervisor in Linux Python pip:  sudo pip install supervisor Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install supervisor CentOS: yum install -y supervisor 2. Configure Supervisor2....
2020/06/15   Ley Boi   147

TQ: The Most Significant Factor To Ensure Your Team Success

A high-performing team always plays a vital role in the success of an organization. You may have trust in your team members, and you have identified your goals of working together. Still, you cannot achieve success in your project. What is the reason for this failure?
2020/05/21   Philip Gao   1152

CI with Jenkins in ZenTao

 What is Jenkins?Jenkins is a self-contained, open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks related to building, testing, and delivering or deploying software...
2020/05/15   John Ten   339

Business Process Management- A helpful guide for every organization

Business Process Management- A helpful guide for every organization
2020/05/15   Philip Gao   2127