For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! Sticky

For the eighth year in a row, ZenTao has been awarded the No.1 spot in "Common Test Management Tools"! 51 Testing has published "2022 Software Testing Industry Status Survey Report" in March 2023. Wi...
  2023/04/03   Kelsea   4796

5 Reasons to Move from Jira to ZenTao Sticky

Before we dig down on to consider migration from Jira to ZenTao, let’s start with the basics, for business positions, who might be new to this. We’ll briefly introduce you to Jira, it’s the most popular alternative — ZenTao, and then touch base on the most common reasons, why businesses decided to move from Jira to ZenTao.
  2021/01/27   Maxx Fey   13532

Extreme Programming: On-Site Customer

In Scrum, customers are only involved in product feedback and acceptance. In Extreme Programming, on-site customer is an important practice to ensure that the deliverable meets the customer's expectation. The "customer" in Extreme Programming is not the person who pays for the system, but the person who actually uses the system.
2020/12/28   Maxx Fey   1711

Thank you for being with us 2020

Christmas and the end of the year are a time to reflect on the events of the past months. We have come a long way together and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners and community for your great support!
2020/12/24   ZenTao Official   3400

Different Methodologies Between Agile and Waterfall

In Agile vs Waterfall difference, the Agile methodology is known for its flexibility whereas Waterfall is a structured software development methodology.
2020/12/21   Troy   3881

See Product Lifecycle Management from Changes in Requirements

"Requirements" and "product life cycle" are two very important concepts in product management. As a product manager, a large part of the work is carried out around them, but in our daily work, we are always used to independently Look at and carry out these two tasks, but in fact, there is a close connection between these two tasks. Today, we will discuss the relationship between the two together.
2020/12/17   philip   2657

Invictus: What a real Scrum Master is like

Scrum in software development means an agile framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products, with an initial emphasis on software development. It is designed for small teams to break their work into goals that can be completed within a sprint, aka a time-boxed iteration, most commonly two to four weeks.
2020/12/17   Renee Fey   3466

FAQ | How to prioritize Scrum backlog in ZenTao?

Some users believe that the Sprint Backlog has no order. So should priority be listed in the task list of a Sprint in ZenTao?
2020/12/17   Maxx Fey   2727

How to work from home during the covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many people working from home. So you might be wondering - how do I remain productive at home?
2020/12/16   philip   4131

What is the agile epic story

ZenTao is a opensource scrum tool that integrates product management, project management, and test management, and includes many functions such as affairs management and organization management.
2020/12/15   philip   2293

Top Project Management Challenges In 2021

We categorized the challenges and wound up with several different types. Here are the top three types of challenges. See where your biggest challenge is placed.
2020/12/15   Troy   3340

5 Best Alternatives for Agile Project Management 2023 offers a general management tool for everyone. Salespersons, recruiters, team leaders, and more types of users can choose a workflow by filling in a few blanks. If you are not satisfied with the workflow it provides, users can customize one. It has everything, but lack focus.
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