List of 60 necessary testing tools for software testers

2020-12-10 09:26:58
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Summary : According to statistics, the demand for Software Testing Talents in the international software industry will continue to increase, so software testing engineers have become the highlight of IT profession. What mainstream software testing tools do they need?

List of 60 necessary testing tools for software testers

List of 60 necessary testing tools for software testers

We divide common testing tools into 10 categories.

1. Test management tools
2. Interface testing tools
3. Performance testing tools
4. C / s automation tools
5. White box test tool
6. Code scanning tools
7. Continuous integration tools
8. Network testing tools
9. App automation tools
10. Web security testing tool

Note: tool ranking doesn't make any sense.

Most beginners, or practitioners of knowledge in a certain field, habitually collect all kinds of seemingly useless materials, videos and tools. In fact, if we study, understand and apply it, it is still useful. Otherwise, it will only take up disk space and waste time. However, tools. Not all of them. But we still need to understand a little bit.
Mixed in the software testing professional circle. At least know what tools are available. When to use what tools, what problems can be solved by each tool. Then, deep application of several tools, you can.
Below I provide you with a rich list of software testing tools. These testing tools not only reduce testing effort, but also help bring your software / application to market faster and maintain speed while maintaining quality.

1. Test management tools

  • TestDirector
  • JIRA (easy to use)
  • Quality Center (complex, charged)
  • ZenTao (simple and easy to use)
  • Bugzilla (simple function)
  • SVN (code and document management tool)
  • VSS is similar to SVN
  • GIT, the same as SVN, but multi branch management is better than SVN
  • Note (large and complete, too expensive)
  • CQ (ClearQuest IBM products - large and complete)

2. Interface testing tools

  • JMeter (open source)
  • Postman
  • SoapUI
JMeter and postman are recommended
JMeter is a free and open source tool written in 100% pure Java. It is mainly used for performance testing. Compared with LoadRunner, JMeter has the advantages of small memory consumption, free open source, light and convenient, and no installation. It is more and more popular among the public.

Postman is an interface test plug-in from Google. It is easy to use, supports use case management, supports get, post, file upload, response verification, variable management, environment parameter management and other functions. It can run in batch and support the export and import of use cases.

3. Performance testing tools

  • LoadRunner, large and comprehensive, it's still a little difficult to master it. It's a heavy tool
  • JMeter, an open source performance testing tool based on Java platform, is actually very powerful and easy to use
  • Web bench, a simple web benchmark testing tool
  • Load UI, an open source stress testing tool, supports graphical
  • Httperf, a high performance web performance testing tool
  • Siege is an open source pressure and index testing tool
  • Gatling
The first two are more commonly used

4. C / s automation tools

  • QTP (record playback and script editing), using VB language
  • Winrunner IBM products are similar to QTP
  • AutoIT does a good job in window positioning

5. White box test tool

  • Unit testing framework of Jtest Java language
  • JUnit tool for Java verification
  • CPPUnit cross platform C + + unit testing framework
  • GTEST cross platform C + + unit testing framework
  • PhpUnit Php
  • Boundschecker C + +, Delphi API and OLE error checking, pointer and leak error checking, memory error checking
  • TrueTime C + +, Java, visual basic code running efficiency check, component performance analysis

6. Code scanning tools

  • Coverage source code static analysis tool
  • Cppcheck C + + static scanning tool
  • Gcover code coverage tool
  • Findbugs: Based on bytecode analysis, a large number of data stream analysis technologies are used, focusing on runtime error detection, such as null pointer reference
  • SonarLint
  • TscanCode

7.Continuous integration tools

  • jenkins
  • Hudson

8. Network testing tools

  • At present, sbolen is a popular network automation test commercial platform (and can completely replace LoadRunner), which can basically meet all network product testing requirements, but it is very expensive
  • Ixia is also a platform for performance and stress testing of network equipment
  • Wireshark packet capture analysis and playback test tool
  • TC network packet loss and test simulation tool, very easy to use
  • Iperf is used to test the network quality of TCP and UDP
  • Tcpping tool works in the TCP layer by sending forged TCP syn packets and listening for syn / ACK or RST returned from the server or intermediate device

9. App automation tools

  • Appium is the most popular automated testing framework based on app
  • The automatic testing framework under instruments IOS platform is written in Java language
  • Uiautomator Android automated testing framework, which basically supports all Android event operations
  • Monkey Android test tools
  • Improved version of monkey runner monkey, supporting self writing script test, using Python language
  • Roboticium is a foreign Android automated testing framework with simple usage
  • Web security testing tool

10. Web security testing tool

Financial services and banking have always been the victims of security vulnerabilities, as they can destroy a large amount of sensitive user data. However, financial services are essential for everyone. So here's a list of security testing tools for building a robust application.
  • Appscan is a tool used in many ways. After scanning, it can find most of the vulnerabilities.
  • Netspacer Community Edition can detect SQL injection and cross page script events. What's more, it can provide solutions
  • Websecurify is an easy-to-use open-source tool. This program is supported by some plug-ins, which can automatically detect web vulnerabilities. After running, it can generate a variety of test reports
  • Wapiti, an open source tool written in Python, can detect web applications and detect injection points in web pages.
  • This tool can detect more than 100 pages at a time, including the detection of cross page scripts.
  • Skipfish, a lightweight security testing tool, can handle 2000 requests per second.
  • A free software from scrawlr HP, which can detect SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • Watcher: This is a plug-in for fiddler, which can run silently in the background and detect cross domain submission..
  • Webscarab is actually a proxy software with many functions, which can detect XSS cross site scripting vulnerabilities, SQL injection vulnerabilities, etc..
  • Package capturing tool: Fiddler
  • Bursuite: brute force cracking and bag capturing tool
Agile model, Devops and many modern software development methods / concepts are supporting the relevance of testing throughout the SDLC process.
Software testing tools are the catalyst, which will determine the speed of the new era challenges brought by the market.

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