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2017-12-29 14:13:00
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This survey is operated by Coding Life, a developer community run by Aliyun which is a cloud product of Alibaba. Over two months, there are 14,992 developers took part in the survey and 7.032 of them finished the total 118 questions which cover operating systems, development languages, code editors, databases, framework and repository, hosting platforms, version control systems,  engineering approaches, management tools, integration tools, and APIs.

Research Method

Quantitative research: Questionnaire


  1. The survey data is collected by December 2017.
  2. 14,992 questionnaires were collected and 7.032 of them are valid.
  3. The respondents are all Chinese developers, if not specified.


ZenTao Pro ject Management Software

ZenTao beats Jira In Management Tools sector, only second to the Tools that are internally developped.

37.3% of the respondents claim they use internally developed tool. In China, there are management tools that are designed for companies. However, they have to use internally developed tool, due to the special types of some jobs and business. 21% of them claim they use ZenTao as the project management and collaboration tool. ZenTao is favored by more and more Chinese developes for its open source and professionalism.

ZenTao is an open source and free software project management tool designed by an Agile team and for Agile teams.

The most distinguishing thing between ZenTao and other systems is that it divides the complex project management into four major items, namely story, task, bug, and case. ZenTao supports the whole flow management among these four items. A cloud version is also available, please visit

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Why choose ZenTao


Serving 30,000+ teams

Serving 200,000+ projects

Serving 800,000+ developers

The #1 in local market share

Free & Open

Open source and unlimited to commercial

Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins

Available on Github

Either Self-Host or Cloud Apps


Refined ALM support

Zero downtime upgrades 

Integrate Git and SVN (pro)

Word and Excel import & export (pro)

Preview-Edit-Diff document online(ent)

Integrate OPS-Attendance-Feedback(ent)


ZenTao team has involved in open source since 2004

Frequent releases and free upgrade forever(even self-hosted) 

Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies


Out of the box, Less config

Nice price for small team($9.9)

Design to adhere Scrum Best practice

For Agile but not restrict to Agile


Applicable for different sized teams

Applicable for Agile/Waterfall

Modules can be used in any combination

Convenient customization