Set ZenTao runtime environment in CentOS

2019-01-06 14:11:00
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Set up LAMP environment in CentOS, and then install ZenTao .

Install Apache, My SQL, and PHP. Then test whether LAMP is setup.

Install ZenTao

Download the latest source code package from ZenTao website HERE.

Start httpd and MySQL

Switch to htdocs in Apache

cd /application/apache/htdocs

Download ZenTao


Unzip the .zip file


Visit ZenTao (https:// IP:PORT/zentaopms/www/install.php) in your browser and the installation will start. In the System Checkup, it will show PDO_mysql and session.save_path have to be set.

System checkup

  1. Change the save path for session

Add save path for session:

mkdir -pv /home/wfc/work/session

Change its privilege:

chmod o=rwx -R /home/wfc/work/session

Change in php.ini:

vim  /application/php/lib/php.ini

Enter : wq and restart httpd. Visit the path again and it works.

2. Change PDO_Mysql

2.1 cd /tools

Download extension file



tar -zxvf PDO_MYSQL-1.0.2.tgz

2.3 Configure and compile file

cd /tools/php-5.3.27/ext/pdo_mysql

Execute thie command below in this path:


After that, configure will show in the directory of pdo_mysql.

2.4 Execute compiling and installing


Execute the command below:


Compile and install:

make && make install  (echo $? is 0)

After compiling, copy the path in the red box as shown below.

PDO_Mysql should be found in this path.

2.5 Change php.ini

vim application/php/lib/php.ini

(The extension should be .so file. In Linux, it is so. In Windows, it is dll. Check the path of your extension dir.)

It should be as shown below.

2.6 Check phpinfo()

Restart httpd and enter phpinfo() to check the PHP installation information. If it is shown as below, PDO is installed.

Install ZenTao

Restart httpd, ZenTao system checkup should be all set.


You have to enter the password for mysql  root, when set up configuration file. MySQL requires password to log in, so it will jump to the page to set ZenTao admin account.

After all mentioned above is done, you will be able to visit ZenTao!

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