Effective prevention of bugs with penetration testing

image source: marketexpert24.com Overview Security undoubtedly has always been the topmost concern since the beginning of time and technology is not any exception. With the evolution of technolog...
2019/12/02   Erna Clayton   22

From Usable to Handy: CEO Mental Model for To-Business Products

What is a typical To-Business(2B) product in your mind? Complex and difficult to use, complicated operation, old-fashioned interface... How would you optimize a 2B product? What a designer would do...
2019/10/01   Aurora Li   126

Elephant in the Room: Who writes the bad code?

My name is Niclas Hedhman, a long-term Apache Software Foundation contributor. I have worked 32 years as a software developer, and over the years I have made many observations. And latest observati...
2019/09/27   Niclas Hedhman   102

Set ZenTao runtime environment in CentOS

Preparation Set up LAMP environment in CentOS, and then install ZenTao . Install Apache, My SQL, and PHP. Then test whether LAMP is setup. Install ZenTao Download the latest source code package from...
2019/01/06   John   687

C Function Call

Parsing the C Function call from the view of compiling Look at the function call below, 1 int Add(int x,int y) 2 { 3 int sum = 0; 4 sum = x + y; 5 return sum; 6 } 7 8 int main...
2018/02/05   Bigshot, Renee   1062

Developer Survey Result China 2017

This survey is operated by Coding Life, a developer community run by Aliyun which is a cloud product of Alibaba. Over two months, there are 14,992 developers took part in the survey and 7.032 of them ...
2017/12/29   Yves   1092

NO MORE BUGS: The Ideal Result of Testing

Bug management is essential to software projects. A lot f teams take the bug submission rate, the number of bugs submitted against the total number of bugs, as the KPI of testing teams. However, the...
2017/12/27   Pedro   1404

Configure nginx+php+mysql+phpmyadmin in Ubuntu

Follow the steps below. 1. Get Ready Start terminal and update Ubuntu sudo atp-get update 2. Install and start Nginx Enter sudo apt-get install nginx 3. Check whether it is installed. Visit htt...
2017/12/26   Pedro   953

The 2017 Top Programming Languages

Python jumps to No. 1, and Swift enters the Top Ten
2017/12/26   Pedro   789

Top 5 Hobbies Programmers Love

If you are reading this article, it’s quite likely that you are a programmer. Although programming is a noble calling, having some hobbies besides programming can bring great impact to your personal...
2017/12/24   Renee   2688
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