Effective prevention of bugs with penetration testing

image source: marketexpert24.comOverview Security undoubtedly has always been the topmost concern since the beginning of time and technology is not any exception. With the evolution of technolog...
2019/12/02   Erna Clayton   294

From Usable to Handy: CEO Mental Model for To-Business Products

What is a typical To-Business(2B) product in your mind?Complex and difficult to use, complicated operation, old-fashioned interface...How would you optimize a 2B product?What a designer would do...
2019/10/01   Aurora Li   310

Elephant in the Room: Who writes the bad code?

My name is Niclas Hedhman, a long-term Apache Software Foundation contributor. I have worked 32 years as a software developer, and over the years I have made many observations. And latest observati...
2019/09/27   Niclas Hedhman   524

Set ZenTao runtime environment in CentOS

PreparationSet up LAMP environment in CentOS, and then install ZenTao .Install Apache, My SQL, and PHP. Then test whether LAMP is setup.Install ZenTaoDownload the latest source code package from...
2019/01/06   John   851

C Function Call

Parsing the C Function call from the view of compilingLook at the function call below, 1 int Add(int x,int y) 2 { 3 int sum = 0; 4 sum = x + y; 5 return sum; 6 } 7 8 int main...
2018/02/05   Bigshot, Renee   1277

Developer Survey Result China 2017

This survey is operated by Coding Life, a developer community run by Aliyun which is a cloud product of Alibaba. Over two months, there are 14,992 developers took part in the survey and 7.032 of them ...
2017/12/29   Yves   1222

NO MORE BUGS: The Ideal Result of Testing

Bug management is essential to software projects. A lot f teams take the bug submission rate, the number of bugs submitted against the total number of bugs, as the KPI of testing teams. However, t...
2017/12/27   Pedro   1594

Configure nginx+php+mysql+phpmyadmin in Ubuntu

Follow the steps below.1. Get ReadyStart terminal and update Ubuntusudo atp-get update2. Install and start NginxEnter sudo apt-get install nginx3. Check whether it is installed. Visit htt...
2017/12/26   Pedro   1048

The 2017 Top Programming Languages

Python jumps to No. 1, and Swift enters the Top Ten
2017/12/26   Pedro   960

Top 5 Hobbies Programmers Love

If you are reading this article, it’s quite likely that you are a programmer. Although programming is a noble calling, having some hobbies besides programming can bring great impact to your personal...
2017/12/24   Renee   3149