What is the workflow of project management software?

2017-10-20 14:10:00
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Summary :There are the process and roles of project management software, and taking an example of ZenTao.

There are more and more project management software used widely for all kinds of software development individuals and teams. Despite this, for many rookies, they don't know how to use PMS efficiently and understand who core roles are in PMS . Today we will introduce the process and roles of project management software, and take an example of ZenTao.

The core roles in ZenTao PMS are product manager, project manager, development team and test team. If agile development is used by your teams, they can be corresponded with roles in Scrum as product owner, scrum master and team (developer and tester). These roles will cooperate and coordinate with each other around the product. The core management process is shown as above.

The illustration above also shows the concepts of product, project and test are clearly defined. Product team, developing team and testing team coordinate and check with each other while they function differently. The three teams interact with each other through stories, tasks and bugs, and eventually deliver the product with quality.

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