ZenTao Pro 6.6 has been released!

2017-12-07 13:52:00
Summary : ZenTao Pro 6.6 has been released! This release is to integrate with ZenTao 9.6.3 open source version.

ZenTao Pro 6.6 has been released! This release is to integrate with ZenTao 9.6.3 open source version.

1. Features

1.1 Ingrated with ZenTao open source 9.6.3. Click here to view ZenTao 9.6.3 Change Log.

1.2 For detailed features of ZenTao Pro, please click ZenTao Pro Features.

2. Change log


855 In Report, total per page is added.
2156 Adjusted Crystal reports.
2174 In Report-QA Report, bugs on story stats is added.
2555 Search type is added in full text retrival.
2647 In Report-Qa, build case stats is added.
2723 Privilege to view certain user's log is added in Company-Log.
3089 User limit prompt when adding new user is added.
3152 Project can be selected when adding a work log.
3154 Back button is added to full text retrieval.
3337 Full name is displayer when hovering on code files.
3349 Custom field is added in Company-Log.
3350 Custom field is added in log export.
3387 Adjusted export logic of case template.
3392 SMS notification is added in Feedback.
3403 Number format is kept in exporting Excel.
3437 Platform/Branch is supported in importing story/bug/case.
3460 Admin-Plan, prompt when no log is wriiten for newly added task.
3504 Prev and Next are added to code lib view.
3505 Order error in gitMerge.
3506 Switch order is addd to code comparison.
3507 Left align in code comparison.
3508 Prompt to show code change log.
3562 Full text retrieval is added to Feedback.
3773 Extension expiration notification.
3785 Export linked project/product info in work log export.
3930 LDAP connection failure.
3939 File search is added in full text retrieval.
3941 Email notification when code is submitted for review.
3943 Adjusted feild order in exported template and data.
3944 Default group is added in LDAP settings.
3945 Set background color for exported Excel.
3966 Normalize build display.
3967 Review crystal reports.
4009 Fixed header in crystal reports.
4015 End date is added in bug import.
4016 Excel and Word are added in exporting QA reports.
4017 Required check when exporting QA reports.
4043 Create Log page is optimized.
4049 Check version twice before uprade Pro.
4052 Drag in Zdoo is added to Pro.
4112 Beautify layout of Word exported.
4147 LDAP user binds to ZenTao user.
4171 Company-Log, child department search is added.
4238 Optimized Exceltemplated in WPS.
4271 Report-Company, Project info and summary are added to Task Summary Report.
4296 Adjusted action buttons in crystalreport. 


724 Report-Company-Log Summary, display user nmae as default setting in Crystal Reports.
820 Case imported as Excel and its default status is null. Once it is run, there is no result collected in reports.
843 The imported starts with ordinal number 2.
853 Tasks at the left of Gantte chart is not horizontally aligned with the one at right.
882 Multibranch exported story/bug/case can't be importd to non multibrach product.
894 Crystal Report can't be dragged in IE.
895 Image in Word story file can't be exported.
908 ZenTao Mobile website error.
924 Bugs can't be imported in QA mode.
954 Custom type is not displayed in Report.
960 Mobile web error.
963 Unfreeze in exported Excel file will generate two cells.
968 Spprint Log shows tasks in doing while no tasks in doing.
969 Alignment error in Gantt chart.
978 No Chinese notice on Gantt chart privileges.
979 Create Case error when clicking it on web.
983 Full text retrieval error.
993 Edit a task will create a log on Start a task.
995 Mobile website, add results of QA and Case run.
999 Trancoding when importing cases.
1001 Review case page error in Mobile App.
1002 Exported report style is not ok.
1079 Version 9.5.1, bizext error in upgrading (same error in build lib extension)
1081 Link error in QA report.

3. Download

(For ZenTao Pro users, please do NOT download the packages below. Those are for first time users. Contact us if you want to upgrade your ZenTao Pro.)

3.1 Sourceforge

Extension Package(php5.3-5.6):http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/bizext.php5.3_5.6.zip/download
Extension Package(php7):http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/bizext.php7.zip/download
Installation Package(php5.3-5.6):http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.php5.3_5.6.zip/download
Installation Package(php7):http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.php7.zip/download
Windows 64bit one-click installation:http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.win64.exe/download
Windows 32bit one-click installation:http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.win32.exe/download

Windows one-click installation (No security Settings):http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.old.exe/download

Linux 64bit one-click installation:http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.zbox_64.tar.gz/download
Linux 32bit one-click installation:http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/Pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.zbox_32.tar.gz/download

3.2 Local Mirror

Extension Package(php5.3-5.6):http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/bizext.php5.3_5.6.zip
Extension Package(php7):http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/bizext.php7.zip
Installation Package (php5.3-5.6):http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.php5.3_5.6.zip
Installation Package (php7):http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.php7.zip
Windows 64bit one-click installation:http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.win64.exe

Windows 32bit one-click installation:http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.win32.exe

Windows one-click installation(No security Settings):http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.old.exe

Linux 64bit one-click installation:http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.zbox_64.tar.gz
Linux 32bit one-click installation:http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/pro6.6/ZenTaoPMS.pro6.6.zbox_32.tar.gz

4. Install and upgrade

ZenTao Pro installation reference //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaopromanual/133.html

ZenTao Pro upgrade reference //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaopromanual/136.html

If you have any questions or would like to get a free trial for more than three users, contact Renee@cnezsoft.com for help.
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